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Tattoo collarbone

When we write about these or other places for tattoos, the meaning of certain characters, we often have to intentionally create a certain framework. For example, many sites about underwear painting, including ours, are often guilty that share the tattoos on men and women. In addition, many articles tell us that men and women choose different zones for tattooing.

Today we talk about the tattoo on his collarbone, find out whether it was true that women often make the tattoos in this location, and what better to choose the plot.

Tattoos on the collarbone for girls

If you carefully look at our photo gallery and tattoo designs on the collarbone, then make sure that the girl in the photo is really more than men. Only speculate on that — rather rashly, but, nevertheless, we want to talk separately about the attitude of the girls to the tattoo on her collarbone. I must say, among women there is a «cult clavicles» . Of course, it sounds funny. Most of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity is in a state of permanent combat obesity in pursuit of slim and beautiful figure.

Therefore, bulging and «deep» clavicle many considered an indicator of sophistication. Due to a special relationship to these places, a tattoo on the clavicles are made to emphasize and focus the attention of others on this attribute of female beauty. Among the girls especially popular tattoo inscriptions on the collarbone and flowers. With the more frequently selected small phrases in Latin or English.

Фото тату на ключицах девушки

The geometry and the proportions of

Most often you can find the so-called «double» tattoo on his collarbone. As an example we can take a rose. In our gallery you will find some photos of tattoos. In this case, 2 is the same tattoo : a flower on each clavicle. It turns proportional and geometrically the correct figure. In addition to the variety of roses tattoo lovers often stops at the stars, diamonds and swallows.

Large tattoos

Separately, you can talk about the situation, when the area of tattooing is not limited to the collarbone. This option is just like most men half lovers underwear painting.

tattoos may start and end on a shoulder on the breast, or extend from the neck to the clavicle. In short, this is the big picture, occupying several segments of the upper body.

As always, in the end, we offer you to estimate our collection of photos and sketches tattoo on his collarbone and write in the comments if you liked the article.

Photos and designs

Фото тату надпись на ключице Татуировки с маками на ключицах девушки Татуировка цветок на ключице Татуировка с цветами вокруг ключиц Татуировка роза на ключице Татуировка пистолет на ключице Татуировка осьминог на ключице Татуировка надпись на ключицах Татуировка на ключице у девушки Татуировка на ключице девушки Татуировка девушки на ключице Татуировка акула над ключицами Тату со звездами на ключице Тату с птицами на ключицах Тату с осьминогом на ключице Тату с оленями на ключицами Тату с воронами на ключицах Тату розы на ключицах Тату роза на ключице у девушки Тату перо на ключице девушки Тату ноты на ключице Тату надпись под ключицей Тату надпись на ключице мужчины Тату надпись на ключице девушки Тату на ключице для девушки Тату на ключице для девушек Тату на ключице в стиле дотворк Тату на ключицах девушки Тату ласточки на ключицах мужчины Тату ласточка на ключице Тату с изображением розы на ключицах Красочная тату на ключице Красочная тату на груди и ключице Красная надпись на ключице девушки Большая тату на груди и ключице 3д татуировка на ключице 3д тату на ключице и груди Цветочная татуировка на ключице
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