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Photos and sketches tattoo behind the ear

The fair sex went on piercing and ear piercing. Today more and more popular in the salons Tattoo gaining service tattoo behind the ear for the girls. The advantages of this are obvious images.

Firstly, a small amount — on the ear drawings always very compact and not visible at first sight that does not attract much attention and does not hinder the work. Moreover, if necessary to easily hide their hair, which makes the decoration is quite practical. Agree, an excellent solution for those who are shy or publicly display their tattoo, or for some other reason does not want to show it on public display.

Secondly, originality — like fashion tattoo is a relatively new, and the place behind the ear is still considered original and unusual. Third, the freedom of choice — despite the fact that the image should be behind the ear, a small size, is often applied to the usual woman drawings, which are applied in other parts of the body. It may be fairly standard designs for women: butterfly, stars, different colors, notes and so on


Place behind the ear ideal for Character — this tattoo can be very small, even microscopic, but at the same time to have a deeper meaning. Periodically, you can find at these sites are small signs, such as the names of loved ones on the background of the heart or the cloud.

It is worth to highlight the insanely beautiful 3d tattoos, a vivid example of which is the image of a spider. It’s quite extreme and unusual solution is right for a guy than a girl, but it looks really cool. If the pattern is depicted behind the ear, his recommended semicircular . This reception will emphasize the shape of the back surface of the ear and creates symmetry. Well, to sum up a little.

It should be added that the tattoo behind the ear — a painful event, and many girls will not sweet. But art requires sacrifice, and for a beautiful tattoo you can tolerate. Do you agree? Write in the comments!


Photos and designs

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