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Tattoos on the eyelids

Over time, people are constantly looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd. One of the ways to emphasize their individuality began to tattoo in unusual places. Before we talk more about the tattoos on the eyelids, to be separated from the warm soft.

Tattooing or permanent McCoy, is the introduction under the skin of natural pigments, which is achieved with the help of an adjustment of the face, edge enhancement and so forth. You can read about all this in the article about temporary tattoos. We will only say that it is kept long enough, but limited period of time: from 6 months to 3 years.

Tattoos on the eyelids — completely different. Oddly enough, the most popular image that is applied to the lids — eyes. When your eyes are closed, surrounding see your tattoo. I suspect that by the holders of such tattoos she bored after a while, as the actually does not bear the semantic load .

Another option — the inscription. This fashion came from the countries of Latin America, where these phenomena are common in members of gangs and clans. By the way, the skin on the eyelids is very thin and sensitive, so if you decide on a similar need poorat. Summing up, the tattoo age — very original, painful, often hasty decision that will allocate you from the crowd and deliver a large number of difficulties in communicating with people.


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