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Photos and significance of tattoos on her knees

We have not talked about the knees in an article which discussed the tattoo on his feet. In fact, it is the rare place after the head clog. On the streets is virtually impossible to meet a man or a woman with tattoos in this location. This is for several reasons.

First, it is necessary to know about some important practical features of tattoos on his knees. The skin in this place is very lively, quite rough and unruly. It should be understood that the pattern with high detail (butterflies, flowers, animals, etc.) simply will not look like the sketch .

Secondly, tattoos are painful knee. If you or your friends are behind a similar experience, share it in the comments! I’m sure it was unforgettable.

Third, but not least, the reason is the special significance of the tattoo on his knee. I would say that all the subjects applied in this place can be divided into two groups: the star and all the rest. Let’s talk about the first type of detail.


Meaning tattoo of stars on his knees

In this case, we will focus on prison tattoos, which is dedicated section on our website. The eight-pointed star is a shining example of such tattoos and is an attribute of thieves. Traditionally, its value is placed «do not stand up to anyone to their knees» in the phrase. Often the owners of such a tattoo, getting on the zone subjected to the tests in order to defend the right to possess it. But that’s another story. It is better to see some interesting sketches tattoo on the calves! Summarize:

Pain 10/10
Aesthetics 1/10
Practicality 4/10

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