127 Leg Tattoo Photos and Designs for men and women

Photos of tattoos on his legs for girls and guys

Underwear pattern on the leg — an opportunity to highlight the perfect сфfigure and hide flaws, highlight certain personality traits. Our article will help you choose a suitable image and where it is better to apply. A selection of original photos and thumbnails for male and female tattoo on his leg would be a godsend for you!

Things to consider when choosing pictures?

  • Body type figure. Many believe that in the back of the lower leg to cause pattern is not recommended if the owner of thin and long legs. Any composition will look absurd and visually more they will narrow.
  • Stocky man with podkachennymi legs fit pretty massive image or very small figures.
  • Fashion style. Marshall undershirt picture should be so that it is fit for any wardrobe: a skirt of varying length, shorts, breeches. Beautiful tattoo on her leg, «ragged» clothing, can turn ugly and comical.
  • Subjects. It should be approached with the utmost seriousness to the selection of small pictures, not to attach themselves to the criminal world or gays or lesbians, for example, a star or a handshake.
  • Form drawing. If the selected image is too wide, it is not recommended to fill it on the shin, otherwise it would look cropped. Snake tattoo on his leg or long, narrow ornaments should be placed clearly on the line to visually distort the silhouette of legs. It is not necessary to fill risunochki mm, at a distance they look like a mole or spot.
  • Correctly pick up the composition. If the tattoo on the foot is already available, it is better to choose another image of the same colors. Against the backdrop of colorful paintings faded tattoo will look like a blur.
  • Excessive hairiness on the legs of men. Choosing a drawing, you should consider this feature, otherwise the image will appear blurred, without precise contours.
  • Proper preparation for the procedure. Why on the sole figure is quickly erased? The upper skin is constantly being updated, so before going to the salon is the place you need to be cleaned with a pumice stone. In the future, as we should not forget about hygiene, because the skin will grow again and the image will be viewed poorly.
  • Alternative. There is a lot of time wearable images, for example, flash tattoo on his leg. They simply stick to any part of the body. Look beautiful Indian charms or bracelets in gold and silver. Fine patterns in the ankle region can draw henna.
Back calfAnkleFeet

It hurts you?

Each of the leg pain threshold is different. On the thigh and calf during the procedure will be uncomfortable. On the front of the lower leg tingling sensation will be felt more strongly, particularly near the bone. Hardest to do a tattoo on his leg in the ankle, especially on foot, patella, sole. In these places a lot of nerve and bone is very close to the skin. Under the knee and inner thigh the skin is very thin, so you’ll have a good patient and possible re-fill. Paints are poorly acclimatized.

Choosing the pattern on the sole, consider physiological characteristics. It is believed that it is not necessary to apply a tattoo girls on foot (socks), if it has a high leg lift: drawing quickly erased. It is best to fill in the hollow between the heel and the toe.

Men’s tattoo on his leg — the core of character

Men frequently large and bulky selected natelnye drawings, in shades of black, and in color. Are popular tattoo patterns on the leg in the Celtic and Polynesian styles, tribal and abstraction. The favorite themes: weapons, crosses, dragons, scorpions and predators.

Men’s snake tattoo on the foot is different from women’s militancy, aggressiveness color palette. Cobra image are mainly applied with a raised hood and sharp teeth.

Scary voluminous pictures of wounds and scars of blood splashes and torn veins mainly choose flamboyant personality. Enough popular biomechanics: to break the skin depicted gear with springs, metal rods instead of joints. Such a picture is applied to the lower leg, foot and thigh. It is interesting to look three-dimensional geometric shapes with different elements.

Men do not often cause a tattoo on the thigh, it is mainly used as a canvas shin and foot.

On the calf looks beautiful solar system, pirates, skull, inscriptions in Arabic and English, and various symbols. Hieroglyphics — not entirely successful tattoo on his leg for men. Extraordinary personality sometimes choose interesting pictures: symmetrical halves avocado


To the tribes often used eye designs, Celtic crosses, which represent the fusion of the four elements. Should be wary of the character «wind rose», which is important in young people. In the past he represented good luck and help travelers, but is now widespread in the criminal world. Most agree the opinion that it is not necessary to fill the image on the contour of the patella. Better grab a small area of ​​the lower leg or thigh. It is not recommended to put small pictures to only one side, use symmetrical compositions. Exception: the image down from the hips to the ankles


Men’s feet are often transformed into a robot legs or feet of animals, starting with the base of the fingers. Well look tattoo lettering and word on the leg side, as well as puzzles that hide the islands or the sea.


Women’s tattoo on his leg — the symbol of innocence and sexuality
Women’s tattoo on the leg look elegant and mysterious, underline the fragility, femininity and girlish beauty. Latest images in Celtic style, mythical creatures, abstraction and even the skull in various versions. Good looks Firebird and Shooting Stars, symbolizing prosperity and success.

Become popular guy tattoo on his leg when a girl and a guy are put two pictures on the foot or lower leg. The first part of the second complementary, but individually they do not lose their meaning and appeal. Magnificent picture in a mirror image.

accentuate a beautiful hip line picture blossoming branches, winding across the length of the legs. It visually narrows and lengthens the shin and ankle. Symmetrical tattoo ribbons on their feet look sexy and elegant, especially on the back of the thigh. They do not look defiant and represent purity and innocence. Beautifully looks like a fragment of lace red and white shades, only when such a composition must take into account the length of the skirt, it has not turned vulgar. It should be remembered that these figures emphasize the buttocks and legs. These body parts are to be tightened and have no serious defects.

looks gorgeous on her leg female tattoo colors that come down from the buttocks to the thigh and shin. If you choose wisely drawing, it will not change the proportions of the body.

snake tattoo looks nice on the leg. Unlike the men’s pictures, one needs to focus on its flexibility. Figure can be applied around the leg or along the entire length, it is desirable to make it more realistic.
Girls are often applied to small leg tattoos of stars, hearts, swallows. The top and side of the feet are original and affectionate inscription characters. On this part of the body stuffed drawings on luck clover, horseshoe, Egyptian cross that symbolizes immortality eye from envious people, signs of the zodiac. Creative individuals cause a small spider (a sign of wisdom and desire for beautiful), a bee brings home the well-being and increases the ability to work.

Crown Tattoo on leg stuffed imperious personality, framing the various inscriptions. Exquisitely look Indian and Egyptian designs, clasping the foot and ankle. Outrageous girl using wearable compositions make imitation stockings across the surface of the legs, from the thighs.

Often there is a butterfly tattoo on her leg, the value of this symbol extensive: youth, flirting, freedom and rebirth. All depends on what style of drawing is executed and where it is located. Butterfly on the foot is better to put the young ladies when they have not yet decided on in life.

How to care for a tattoo on his leg?

The longest heal sores on the foot, knee and inner thigh. Clothing should be wide to tattoo drawings on the leg not rubbing on the leg . Girls are not encouraged to wear tight jeans, nylon tights and stockings. It is advisable to go only in open shoes, or wear two pairs of socks. It should be comfortable and soft soles, without heels or platforms. In the first month will be painful to walk, so you should not move too much. If possible, do not raise the stairs, do not bend, avoid strenuous exercise.

Once the rehabilitation is necessary to maintain physical fitness and weight control, especially in the area of ​​the hip. Here, the skin instantly responds to age-related changes and can droop. Having a tattoo on the sole, should carefully select shoes that do not sting and do not rub.
Body picture over time needs to be corrected, as this part of the body is constantly rubbing against clothing, often falls under the rays of the sun.



Photos and designs

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