127 Leg Tattoo Photos and Designs for men and women


The figure on the leg is an opportunity to emphasize an ideal figure or hide faults, to identify certain character traits. Our article will help you to choose the right image and the part of the body where better to apply it. A selection of original photos and sketches for female and male tattoos on the leg will be for you a godsend!


A set of figure. A lot of people believe that to apply a pattern on the back of the shin is not recommended if the wearer’s legs are thin and long. Any composition will look ridiculous and visually will narrow them.

Chunky men with pumped legs will come up with a colorful massive image or very small pictures.

Fashion style. A body picture should be built in such way that it would fit under any wardrobe: a skirt of various lengths, shorts, and breeches. Beautiful tattoos on the leg, «ragged» by clothing, can turn out comical and ugly.

Subjects. It is necessary to approach with all seriousness to the choice of small pictures, do not to attach themselves to the criminal world or people of non-traditional orientation, for example, a star or a handshake.

The shape of the picture. If the selected picture is too wide, it is not recommended to stuff it on the shin otherwise it will look cut off. Snake Tattoos on the leg or narrow long ornaments should be placed clearly along the line to visually not warp the silhouette of the leg. Do not fill in millimeter pictures, they will look like a mole or spot at a distance.
Competently pick up the track. If the tattoo on the leg is already done, it is better to choose the next picture of the same color scheme. Pale tattoos will look like a stain against the background of bright pictures.

Excessive hair on the male legs. You should consider this feature choosing a picture otherwise the image will be blurry, without clear contours.

Correct preparation for the procedure. Why the pattern is quickly erased on the foot? The upper skin is constantly renewed, so before going to the salon this place needs to be cleaned with pumice stone. Do not forget about hygiene in the future, because the skin increases again and the picture will be poorly viewed.

Alternative. There is a lot of temporary body images, flash tattoo on the leg, for example. They simply stick to any part of the body. Indian talismans or bracelets in gold and silver look beautifully. Exquisite patterns in the ankle area can be drawn with henna.

Тату-ловец-слов-на-бедре Татуировки-на-колене1 Татуировка-лев-на-голени
Hip Knee Shin
Тату-дерево-на-икре Женская-татуировка-цветок-на-лодыжке Тату-розы-на-ступнях
Calf Ankle Feet

Is it painful?

The pain threshold is different on each part of the foot. It will be unpleasant sensations during the procedure on the thigh or calves. The tingling will be felt more strongly, especially near the bone on the front of the shin. The most painful thing to do is a tattoo on the leg in the ankle, especially on the sole, kneecap, foot. There are a lot of nerve endings in these places and the bone is very close to the skin. The thighbone skin is very thin under the knee and on the inside, so you’ll have to wait patiently and possibly re-fill. The paints do not take well here.

When choosing a pattern on the foot, consider the physiological characteristics. It is believed that the girls should not put a tattoo on the sole (sock), if she has a high leg lift: the pattern will erase quickly. It is the best to fill the gap between the heel and the toe.


Men often choose voluminous and large pictures, both in black shades and in color. Popular tattoo designs on the foot in Celtic and Polynesian styles, tribal and abstraction. Favorite themes are weapons, crosses, dragons, scorpions and predators.

The male tattoo of the snake on the leg differs from the female by militancy, the aggressiveness of the color palette. The image of the cobra is mainly applied with a raised hood and sharp teeth.

Scary voluminous pictures of wounds and scars with the blood spatter and the torn veins are mostly chosen by shocking personalities. The biomechanics are quite popular: on the rupture of the skin, gears with springs are represented, metal rods instead of joints. Such pictures are applied to the shin, sole and thigh. Three-dimensional geometric figures with different elements look very interesting.

Men do not often put a tattoo on the hip, mainly use as a canvas shin and foot.
The solar system, pirates, skulls, inscriptions in Arabic and English and various symbols look beautifully on the calf. Hieroglyphics are not a very successful tattoo on the leg for men. Unordinary personalities sometimes choose interesting pictures such as symmetrical halves of avocado.

The sketches of the eyes, Celtic crosses, which indicate the fusion of the four elements are often uses for the knees. It is necessary to treat carefully a «wind rose» symbol that is popular among young people. This symbol personified luck and helped travelers in the distant past, but is now common in the criminal world. It is not considered to fill the image on the contour of the kneecap. It is better to grab a small area of the lower leg or thigh. It is not recommended to apply small pictures to the one side only, it is better to use symmetrical compositions. Exception is the image descends from the hip to the ankles.
Male’s soles often turn into the legs of a robot or paws of animals, starting with the base of the fingers. The tattoo inscriptions and words on the side of the foot look great, as well as puzzles hiding the islands or the sea.



Female tattoos on the leg look elegant and mysterious emphasize fragility, femininity and maiden beauty. Actual images in the Celtic style, mythical creatures, abstraction and even the skull in different versions. The firebird and the starfall, symbolizing prosperity and success look good.

Paired tattoos on the leg, when a girl and a guy are put two pictures on the feet or shin become popular. The first part complements the second, but individually they do not lose sense and attractiveness. Magnificent pictures in the mirror image.

The beautiful line of the thigh will emphasize the image of the flowering branch, winding along the entire length of the foot. It visually narrows and lengthens the shin and ankles. Symmetrical tattoos on the legs look elegant and sexy, especially on the back of the thigh. They do not look defiant and personify purity and innocence. The fragment of lacing of a red and white shade looks beautiful, when choosing such a composition it is necessary to take into account the length of the skirt, so that it does not turn out vulgarly. It should be remembered that such pictures focus on the buttocks and legs. These parts of the body should be tightened and not have serious defects.

The female foot flower tattoos that descend from the buttocks to the thigh and lower leg look elegantly. It will not change the proportion of the body if you correctly select a picture.

The tattoo of the snake looks beautiful on the shin. Here you need to focus on its flexibility unlike the male pictures. The picture can be applied around the foot or along the entire length and it is desirable to make it more realistic.

The girls often put on their feet small tattoos of stars, hearts, swallows. The inscriptions, hieroglyphics look originally and tender on the upper and lateral parts of the feet. The pictures on this part of the body are tattooing on luck such as clover, horseshoe, Egyptian cross, which symbolizes immortality, eye from envious people, zodiac signs. The creative people make a small spider (a sign of wisdom and striving for beauty), and the bee brings prosperity to the house and increases the ability to work.

The tattoo of the crown on the leg is making by imperious personalities, framed with various inscriptions. Indian and Egyptian ornaments, embracing the foot and ankle look exquisitely. Outrageous girls with the help of body compositions make imitation of stockings all over the surface of the legs, starting from the hip.

The butterfly tattoo on the leg is popular, the meaning of this symbol is extensive as youth, coquetry, freedom and rebirth. It all depends on the style in which the picture is executed and where it is located. The butterfly on the leg is better to apply to young people, while they are not determined in life.

The longest wound healing on the sole, knees and inner thigh. Clothes should be wide, so that the tattoo designs on the leg do not rub against the pant leg. Girls are not recommended to wear tight jeans, kapron tights and stockings. It is advisable to walk only in open shoes or wear two pairs of socks. It should be comfortable and with a soft sole, without heels or platform. It will be painful to tread in the first month, so do not overwork. DO not go up the stairs, do not bend over, avoid physical exertion if possible.

You need to maintain physical fitness and control weight after rehabilitation, especially in the thigh area. The skin reacts instantly to age-related changes and may hang in this part of your body. You should carefully choose shoes after making a tattoo on the foot, do not to sting and to rub it.

The body paintings need to be adjusted over time, as this part of the body constantly rubs against clothing, more often falls under the sun’s rays.





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