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Tattoos on lips

The tattoo on his lip remains one of the most rare and seemingly absurd things in the art of painting underwear. This is the headdress on the inside — the mucous membrane of the lips. The purpose of such decorations does not seem quite obvious. Looking at photos of tattoo of the lips can guess that in this place, as a rule, write short concise word or draw a small symbol .

Steam tattoo on the inside of the lips may be a romantic gesture or a lover lover address. In this case, the inscription will serve as the name of your second half. As for the aesthetics and usability, everything is quite clear. A tattoo on the inside of the lips is hardly possible to see the accident. Thus, if you want that does not, no one will know of its existence.

The soreness is probably the most unpleasant side of this coin. Effects on the mucous membrane is certainly accompanied by pain. However, volume work in this place just is not possible, so the torment will last not long. Now note the photo!


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Photos and Designs

Татуировка-бмх-на-губе Клевер-на-губе Тату-hello-kitty-на-губе Тату-бантик-на-губе Татуировка-бмх-на-губе Татуировка-внутри-губы Татуировка-на-губе-девушки Татуировка-череп-на-гуье Тату-мужчины-на-губе Тату-нота-на-гбе Тату-слово-на-губе Фото-тату-губ Фото-татуировки-на-губе Фото-тату-на-верхней-губе Тату-надпись-на-губе
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