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Alligator tattoo meanings

Crocodile — predatory and dangerous animal that feels fine in two elements: earth and water. In Western culture, the crocodile is the voracity and destructive force. In Africa the animal symbolizing rebirth. Africans called the boys after the circumcision scar crocodile marks. It was believed that the reptile swallows boys who are then reborn in the light of men.

Тату кроводил на локте Тату крокодил на груди Тату крокодил на животе Крокодил Полинезия-тату-эскизы-крокодил

The tribes of Indians drew a crocodile with open mouth in which the sun sets each evening. So he was identified with the assistant of the gods. In European countries, hypocritical person compared with the reptile. In India, the predator was associated with a guide in different worlds: the world of life beyond the grave, and


In spite of some differences in the interpretation of the values ​​of the crocodile tattoo in different cultures, this reptile has always inspired people to fear and danger. At the same time he was revered, especially in the immediate habitat. In addition, the crocodile is depicted on the coat of arms of certain countries and symbolizes power and strength.

Using the tattoo

A person who decided to make a tattoo with the image of a crocodile or alligator, should possess such qualities as self-confidence, determination, strength, toughness, perseverance. That is why this tattooed so popular among athletes and leaders. In addition, it is often found among the criminal authorities.

A woman can also make a drawing of a crocodile, but he will be treated completely differently. In this case, tattooed is a mother’s love, care and protection, commitment and creativity.

The image of a crocodile with open mouth is the desire to live in this world, in spite of the danger and obstacles. Not swim with the current, but against him.

The value of the tattoo crocodile with closed eyes says that when her landlord is not as simple as it might seem at first glance, and is able to stand up for yourself . It is known that reptiles with eyes closed still perfectly see and do not miss a chance to attack the victim, who does not suspect that the animal does not sleep.

How and where portray?

Figure crocodile or alligator is applied to any part of the body. It all depends on the size of the image, style of application and individual requirements.

The animal is depicted with open or closed mouth, sleeping or waking, in color or monochrome. Every detail counts, so the customer selects a sketch tattoo crocodile, which correctly displays his temperament and character.

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Photos and designs

Татуировка крокодил на плече Татуировка крокодил на спине Татуировка крокодил Татуха крокодил на плече Фото тату крокодил на плече Эскзиз тату голова крокодила Эскиз тату крокодил Тату крокодил на плече Тату крокодил на руке Тату крокодил на ступне Тату крокодил Тату крокодильчик Lacoste Татуировка глаз крокодила Татуировка крокодил на боку

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