45 Spartan Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Spartan tattoo meaning

Spartan — a stern warrior who is not afraid of his opponent. Spartans brought hardy, brave, physically fit, fearless warriors. These qualities are highly prized in men. Before the release of the movie «300» Spartan warriors use images used infrequently. The feat of three hundred heroes has become a shining example of how people are able to sacrifice themselves to risk that for them the main military honor and valor.

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According to Greek mythology, the Spartans were all strong, beautiful, hardy men as weak babies are not spared and thrown into the abyss. Legend more saturated dark colors because, as a rule, are not babies were killed and thrown to the fork in the road. Spartan army has long been a thunderstorm for most of the surrounding nations, and that, despite the small size of the state.

Tattoo 300, is very popular among the younger generation. And all because of the fact that many people want to be heroes like Spartan warriors. People think that the way they display the courage, the will to win and a strong character. Meaning tattoo Spartan is to give the holder of power, strength, endurance, perseverance, desire not to give in to difficulties. Tattoo shows true virility . On such a man can be relied upon in the event of serious problems.

Keep in mind that tattoo Spartan is large and massive, so fragile girl or skinny guy it will not work. Tattoo looks perfect on the brutal man with a good trim figure. Tattoo Spartan mostly done in red and brown tones. These colors are typical for clothes Spartans.

Less picture executed in black and white. Best of all, it looks at the back and on the chest, shoulder blade and upper arm. Because the image is rather big, it can be problematic to apply to other parts of the body. Often you can find the image of the warrior’s head in a beautiful hat, at least — figure on a belt or in a full-length


The tattoo is quite complicated to execute, so the master must have a lot of experience in performing work of this kind. Tattoo requires thoroughness in work and detailed individual parts. Please find our collection of sketches and photos of tattoo Spartan!

Эскиз тату рыцарь

Honor, valor


Courage, courage, courage

Photos and designs

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