44 Sphinx Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Sphinx tattoo meanings

Everyone who decides to get a tattoo, it puts particular importance. This may be a reflection of the inner world, the desire to change life, displaying important dates, events, dear people. Therefore, the choice of drawing is approached carefully, because it will last a lifetime. It is necessary to take into account not only the meaning but also the size appropriate to the chosen place for impaling.

If you examine the sketches tattoo sphinxes, you will notice that these images will approach the back, shoulder, forearm — large surface area, which gives space and allows you to display the details.


There are several options for tattoo sphinx, having a different meaning.


The first association that comes to everyone’s mind when the word sphinx — this Egyptian statue. In fact, there are several different mythological animal, the image which carries a different meaning.

  1. The Egyptian sphinx is depicted with a human head, the body of a lion, ox tail. The face belonged to the great ruler, or Pharaoh. Such sphinxes were installed at the tombs of important people as custodian. It symbolized the monumental, tranquility, protection of secrets and the secrets of the ruler. Pron them through the millennia, they tied the present to the future. This tattoo will give a riddle and the wisdom of its owner.

  2. The Greek sphinx looks different from the Egyptian, his woman’s head and a dog body with bird’s wings. It is a mythical beast to ask questions, to which no one could answer it and deprived of life. Different value and image — it symbolizes the dark side, the destruction of demons. The image of the sphinx on the body will give the aggression and force the owner.

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  4. The Assyrian sphinx is depicted with a beard, and each part has a separate value, gathering together the qualities that you need to educate yourself. Head — a repository of knowledge, beard speaks of wisdom, wings symbolize inspiration, flying, lion’s paws and claws say about the strength, courage, determination, bullish call on the sides to work, persistently, patiently silent. Such a tattoo with the Sphinx reinforce the necessary qualities, give wisdom, perseverance, hard work. Will show a rich inner world of the owner.

Tattoo sphinx cat

Tattoos are popular pets. Some want to capture your favorite pet picture, some invest in a tattoo of particular importance. Tattoo cat Sphinx combines mythological symbols and cat. It conveys its master feline qualities — cunning, cautious, softness, hunting instincts. It also protects against magic effects, evil eye, slander.

Girls suit tattoo of a cat showing graceful curves and lines of this animal. Tattoo emphasize the elegance and plasticity of its owner. Men are not suitable aggressive image that reflects the hunting instincts, strength and courage.

Photo Sphinx tattoos will decide on the style and place for it. It is possible to make a drawing, in black and white and in color. We strongly recommend to carefully approach the selection of parts of the body. Such tattoos contain a lot of small parts, which can not be high quality display in a limited area.


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