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Spider tattoo meanings

Spider Tattoo attracts controversial and deeply symbolic, both attracts and repels. With the help of this article you’ll learn about the unusual values ​​underwear pictures. After reviewing a selection of photos from the thumbnails, you will appreciate the charm and all the insects pick up its unique mascot.

The ancient Indians perceived the spider as a symbol of the universe. Drawing the web of life resembled a maze, full of trials and dangers. Many saw it as an evil, treacherous werewolf or protector against evil spirits, they were used as a talisman to prosperity. What symbolizes the spider tattoo?

  • The wisdom, power, awareness, harmony and knowledge. The Indian legend has it that the leader went to the wise, but the crafty old man in the image of a large spider. During the conversation (the sacred language), he took off the ruler headdress, between feathers and shells began to weave a web. Sage said the cyclicity of life, that of good and evil thoughts depends on the choice of the path and the fate of man. To use your vision, good thoughts, you need to get rid of bad intentions. In parting, the insect leader gave his hat and ordered to hang over the bed. Since then, the resulting mascot «Dreamcatcher» defended the Indians from evil spirits.

  • The tattoo spider — talisman, protection against failures, negative energy and disease. The Slavs believed that the insect can not kill, because it protects the house to flourish. See it — a good sign, if on the cobweb down, then to the good news. Underwear picture in this version deal to attract prosperity, wealth and good fortune . Spider used in black and white magic, making amulets, which is why it became identified with the dark forces. Residents of European countries were afraid of them, associated with death, as the insects carried the plague. In Christianity, the spiders saved the lives of the little Jesus. When he was hiding in a cave, they draped the entrance thick cobwebs, and Herod’s soldiers passed by. Romans personified them with prosperity and joy.

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  • The symbol of hard work, creativity and weaving skills. One Greek legend has it that on the competition weavers woman Arachne make a beautiful painting and surpassed itself in the art of Athena. Goddess could not accept defeat and turned into an insect forewoman. Since then, she ceaselessly weaves the web with the ideal and intricate patterns. American residents believed that the world’s first female spider appeared, and they taught women weaving. Skilled weavers were pictured spider tattoo on his hand as a sign of skill and dedication. The Indians believed that the poison predator gave them the sun’s rays. Once the sun shone only one side of the earth, and the second was in the dark. The residents decided to move the light and sent the bird to the opossum, but they could not cope with the task. Spider quickly wove a web of large, he threw in the sun and deftly turned it sideways. Sticky web was so strong that it is not snapped and burned. The Indians noticed that the rising rays of light were like thin threads of webs extending from its center.
  • The insect can symbolize danger, violence, power, cunning, aggression. In Japanese folklore, it has supernatural powers, it can be transformed into a seductive beauty of Edo. She lures a man, and when he loses vigilance, silk ties and eats sticky threads. Perhaps this legend is associated with the appearance of spider «black widow». In Italy, the people believed that the bite of the tarantula drives people crazy, they turn into a terrible monster. The only antidote — a fast dance (Tarantella), which later became part of the wedding ceremony
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  • Poison predator often represent deceit, cunning, fertility, feminine, eternity and infinity. Anansi (Spider-Man, the son of the creator of the world Nyame) loved to play and compose an unprecedented history. The verbal disputes, cunning and wit he was not equal, but it is carefully carried out all orders of his father. He brought rain to the earth to save the fields from drought or extinguish the fire. Nyame created the moon, the sun and the stars, taught mankind to farm. According to another legend he created the universe Spider-Woman, and with a white, red, black and white clay blind people of different races. Some tribes believed that the insect has helped goddesses of the moon, it was a female symbol. Maya linked the afterlife he carries through the underground river souls. The raft is made from the web, and on the way a predator guards dead. Some tribes were confident that it took place from the spiders, presented them as holy. The cross on the abdomen meant the four cardinal points, eight legs — infinity symbol
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  • The tattoo spider in the web in the zone indicates a thief or an addict (generally applied under the arm on the shoulder blade or the chest). If an insect down the thread, the owner of the retired if rises, then everything has just begun. In the 70’s insect figure stuffed for murder. The image on the neck indicates violators, spider in the web — on the huckster, and most recently on terrorism.

Features spider tattoo

underwear image often applied in a realistic style, using black and gray pigments. However, it looks beautiful bright images. Each color has its own symbols:

  • black, red and purple spiders indicate the aggressiveness and determination holder;
  • brown and green — on balance, peace, harmony;
  • an abundance of colors — at the versatility, outstanding personality
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The men applied a spider tattoo on the arm, shoulder, neck, chest, back. Pictures selected more massive and threatening, as if warning others, speaking of his power, strength, hard (poisonous) character. It is interesting to look insects with daggers, instead of legs, when on their bellies painted skull. Flamboyant personality applied image on the head.


consisting of the individual selected insect barbs, for intellectuals, with analytical thinking suitable predators glasses.

Insects are represented with or without webs, with long or thick shaggy paws. On the belly is often applied to the cross, the red circular spots, or in the form of an hourglass outline. It is best to first select the area of ​​the body, because the picture is not specific and acceptable to everyone, and then determined the thumbnail.

Girls spider tattooed on the foot, leg, hand, finger. Extraordinary personality packed in the neck, which may mean a desire to control, to deny the standards and traditions, points to the informal leader. Tarantulas are associated with the image of black widow, as well as cunning and dangerous. Beauty can be treacherous seductress, especially if the image to be in the bikini area.

Women are often portrayed insects as a pendant or ring instead. Rounded abdomen predator can talk about sexuality, he emphasizes femininity. Ladies generally opt for small specimens with thin graceful legs. It should be remembered that the insect eye-catching. If put on the leg, it focuses the attention of others on their beauty and harmony. Interestingly looks tattoo behind the ear lobes or around.
Tattoo spider fits quiet and purposeful personalities, leaders of the «shadow», acumen, wise and industrious, ready to overcome the difficulties, and even move the sun, if need be.


Creativity, creativity, hard work

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Molestation, perseverance

Photos and designs

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