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Spiral tattoo meanings

Image of spiral can be found in the ancient tattoos. It can be seen in the fingerprints, the DNA molecule, in mollusk shells, in whirlpools and tornadoes, galaxies space. It is both simple and complex figure. Spiral symbolizes vitality , the cyclical development, a certain predictability and inability to change anything.

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Tattoo spiral has many meanings. It symbolizes the seasons, the phases of growth and aging, development and decay. Many art lovers tattoo believe that the curl, immortalized on the body is capable of making a person more calm and reasonable, to improve the functioning of many body systems. In terms of philosophical approach to life curve bears relationship with the cosmos, the cyclical nature of the development and civilization. The balance of opposites also lies in the meaning of the sign. On this basis it is built the whole philosophy of yin and yang. The compressed spiral tattoo culture symbolizes the hidden power, energy and development potential.

Tattoo spiral depicted in realistic style or a stylistic execution. It can also consist of individual words, phrases, or set of numbers, which play an important role in human life. The symbol is quite simple to perform and does not have sex. Laconic and versatility — the main features of the tattoo. Colors can be used to image different — from standard black to bright colors and


tattoos Dimensions can be arbitrary. Small tattoos are frequently applied to the back of the neck or on the wrist. Attractive looks and a tattoo on his shoulder. On the body can be represented several spirals. It looks interesting pattern centered on the elbow. Stylish looks galaxy, drawn on his shoulder.

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Depending on the shape and location

тату число 13 30
Number 13


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Photos and designs

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