31 Sparrow Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


A sparrow is not an exotic bird for Russians. We observe these birds almost all the year round. Nevertheless, the tattoo of a sparrow is no less popular than images with rarer birds — eagles or parrots.

The sparrows are related to male power in China, Western critics note that women of easy virtue artists are often portrayed, holding sparrows.

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The tattoo with the image of this bird sitting on a tree, symbolizes wealth in Indian ideas. Those who have firsthand knowledge of the sea and its laws, usually make a swallow or a sparrow tattoo on the body. A bird tattoo is an amulet and a symbol of luck: a bird floating in the sky means a nearby land for sailors.

The prison tattoo depicting a sparrow is a desire for will, for freedom.

This little bird can be an excellent option for a pair of tattoos. The sparrows are loyal to their couple and they never leave it, for this reason, becoming an object for tattoos of lovers.

Thus, the meaning of a sparrow tattoo can be very close to people in spirit and kind of activity. In our gallery you will find quite a few different options to depict such a picture. From an artistic point of view, there are 3 most interesting options:

  • Old school: bright colors, clear boundaries;
  • Realism: the most believable image of a bird;
  • Watercolor: soft color transitions, lack of clear boundaries of the image.

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