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Squirrel tattoo

Squirrel tattoos today are quite often found on the bodies of young energetic people: boys and girls. And this is understandable, because a beautiful energetic animal priori can not cause negative emotions. Rather, it’s so sweet, funny, being in constant motion creating that cause extremely happy and positive emotions in people of all ages.

Looking at the sketches tattoo proteins made by professional artists, they can be divided into male and female. Male animal type larger, high-spirited, feminine — a miniature, with women’s tricks like jewelry.

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Therefore, choosing a tattoo proteins necessary to create a sketch, based on its temperament and character traits . So, energetic people will approach an animal picture in flight movement. More relaxed balanced facial features of people are most impressed by the animal, quietly going about their daily chores. Meaning protein tattoos can be interpreted from different perspectives. Some believe that this «child» picture does not become mature and serious personality. Others, however, are certain that this choice — the right one. To argue who is right and who is — no, it is meaningless, it is a matter of internal human perception


The important thing: the importance of protein tattoo is positioned only positively. No negative carry this figure can not. After all, the squirrel — a symbol of health, agility, speed and mind, comfort and fertility. Holders of such a picture, likely thrifty people who appreciate the comfort of home. Their house is full bowl, but the well-being achieved by hard work and perseverance. Of course, not everyone likes the animal selfishness that a solution to their pressing everyday problems focuses on the whole life. But in the case with cute squirrels such meanings few people are worried.

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Photos and designs

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