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Slpha and omega tattoo

Greek letters are often used in tattoos. Alpha — this is the beginning of the alphabet, and Omega — the end. These two letters are very rarely causing separately. The Greeks believed that the goddess Moira decide when a person to be born and die. They are credited and the creation of the alphabet. Many find the deeper meaning, which ultimately leads to the tattoo parlor. alphabet characters chosen for himself the people inclined to philosophical reflection and the search for truth.

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The deep symbolism lies in the fact that the alpha and omega — the first and last letters of the alphabet. Come to mind the words of the Bible that God is the beginning and end of all. According to the Greek philosophers, alpha represents the spiritual essence of being, while omega tattoo symbolizes physicality. The answer is one of the main philosophical problems lies in the combination of symbols. Only elected can find the answer to this question.

In most cases, these letters are displayed simultaneously. Tattoos are placed either on both hands or on the shin. Sometimes the letters are combined in a single drawing. Tattoo longer appropriate for men than women, as representatives of the male sex are more likely to reflect on the truth of the eternal. The woman — the philosopher is difficult to find enough alpha and omega tattoo is not very popular among the ladies



Cyclical, harmony, time

Yin yang

The unity of opposites, harmony

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тату альфа и омега 5тату альфа и омега 6тату альфа и омега 7тату альфа и омега 8тату альфа и омега 9тату альфа и омега 10тату альфа и омега 11тату альфа и омега 12тату альфа и омега 13тату альфа и омега 14тату альфа и омега 15тату альфа и омега 16тату альфа и омега 17тату альфа и омега 18тату альфа и омега 19тату альфа и омега 20тату альфа и омега 21тату альфа и омега 22тату альфа и омега 23тату альфа и омега 24тату альфа и омега 25тату альфа и омега 26тату альфа и омега 27тату альфа и омега 28тату альфа и омега 29

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