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Anarchy tattoo

In a translation from the Greek word «anarchy» literally means anarchy. Anarchists — people who do not recognize the power of the state as such. Their ideal is a society without subordination, coercion and exploitation of man by man in any form. Of course, there are many anarchist currents, but the most famous is the «left» supporters who opposed not only the government, but capitalism, private property, free market.

The value of the tattoo with anarchy sign can be interpreted in different ways. At various times, anarchy symbol — a stylized letter A inside the letter O — a symbol of skinheads, punks and even sexual minorities. However, the traditional representation of a sign of anarchy is a protest against the regime, calling the government and the non-recognition of state power. Tattoo sons of anarchy could mean extreme degree of freedom, a life contrary to the opinion of the majority, individualism. Similar meaning are also tattoo skull and crossbones, black cross and a clenched fist.



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