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Angel tattoo meaning

Angel tattoo on the body looks beautiful and stylish. Depending on the design style and more details it can have different symbols, a profound philosophical meaning. What kind of image to choose and in what area of ​​the body will help her better represent our article with beautiful collections of photos and sketches.

Since ancient times, tribes believed that between the gods and the people there are messengers. They came down to earth in the form of an animal or bird, the petitioner pointed to the right path and helped to pass through the spiritual bridge to other worlds. In the evolution of their change of religion came angels (cherubim, archangels, and others). Depending on the purpose in hand, they holding a harp, pipe, sword, staff .

Many historians believe that the messengers came much later Christian religion, and their beautiful shape with two wings and a halo of artists have come up with. However, divine beings have become a symbol of protection, faith, innocence and good intentions, but sometimes they are applied to the body solely for the sake of beauty.

The value of an angel with wings tattoo diverse:

  • The nature of man. With underwear pictures many persons are willing to highlight their positive qualities: good nature and love for others, compassion, high spirituality
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  • Christianity. Tattoo angel symbolizes the purity of human thoughts, his closeness to God, striving for goodness, a desire to always be «under the wings» of his guardian. It is applied as a sign of his unwavering faith.

  • Protection and guardian. Many of the individual believe that this drawing saves out of trouble, the evil eye and diseases, helps to find happiness, to overcome the inner fears and frustrations. If the image of an angel with the cross depict it symbolizes hope, the memory of significant losses. Most tattoo artists beseeching angel, if he asks God to give the owner of good health, inner balance, aid in making the right decision. Tattoo guardian angel is the care and affection. The owner of or protected by a divine being, or is willing to take custody of a loved one.
  • The philosophical significance. If the angel spread his wings, then, the owner is ready to change his life. Divine creature in flight — a symbol of rebirth. Sometimes packed picture as a sign of devotion to a specific person or their beliefs, life position, the selected case. Harbinger falls down — the collapse of hope, of faith, that bright future will never come. In principle, any angel in motion, represents stance or self-realization. The picture is applied to not forget about your goals, principles, aspirations.

  • Angel tattoo symbolizes the memory of the dead people. Parents who have lost their children, often stuffed with angels. Often there is a picture of the wings breeches or messenger while praying or weeping near the monument. Typically, these drawings are complemented by initials or dates.

  • Hope for the best. Pictures of divine messengers to help survive the difficult moments, to strengthen the faith in a happy future. Sometimes symbolize the transience of life of the black band that soon everything will get better and the world will be better.
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    Divine beings and their values

    Tattoo fallen angel is sometimes depicted with horns and wings dangling. Some personalities are trying to capture the unfortunate period of life, to remember their losses or mistakes and not repeat them in the future. Often drawing represents a protest against the law or morality, strong pride.

    The tattoo of an angel and a demon basically means inner struggle of good and evil, when a person is not sure of his choice. Sometimes the figure symbolizes the duplicitous nature . The picture looks good on the collarbone or shoulder blades, where one side is God’s messenger, and on the other — man with wings and horns. They look at each other, at any moment ready to rush into battle. It is interesting to look back at the big picture with the full story of struggle. It is best to use several colors and carefully work on shadows and transitions to convey realistic tattoo. Sometimes it is applied for the sake of beauty, not paying attention to the value, as the picture is very bright and attracts attention.

    Tattoo angel of death makes it clear that swift life, you need to appreciate every moment. Also it refers to the fear of death, but those images are packed only strong, impervious personalities with very strong nerves. It is often applied in the memory of the departed loved one.

    Tattoo-angel warriors or Archangel means protection. In their hands, can be a sword, scales, staff. Michael guard virtues and dispenses justice, and Raphael — watching the children, travelers, pilgrims. The pictures can dominate deceit (only in good intentions), invincible power. They represent innocence, peace of mind, as an internal struggle ends with the victory of good. Pictures can mean faith in the divine power, or sacrifice.

    Women and men often stuffed angel wings tattoos on the back that embody the spiritual power, the desire for freedom, independence and are a talisman. Sometimes it is applied to emphasize the closeness to God. Folded or wounding wings — hidden emotions, man is unstable in convictions. Look beautiful little wings between the shoulder blades or huge, exciting shoulders and falling to the waist. It is interesting to look at these images hands when the motion may appear that the owner is about to take off.

    Tattoo cherubim — the little blue-eyed kids, angels with golden curls, held in the hands of a harp or a small pipe. They appeared in the Renaissance and came to symbolize innocence, purity, as well as act as a talisman. They are often applied after the baby is born. Angels fell to the liking of the girls, especially cupid with golden bow and arrow as a sign of light and heavenly feelings.

    The Elves and fairies do not belong to the category of habitual angels. They protect and help the fabulous characters. However, such a body-worn images are very common among the girls. Especially nice on the neck (near the ear lobe) little creatures with wings painted like a butterfly. They emphasize lightness, playfulness and innocence of nature owner.


    Angel tattoo looks good in black, blue, pink, yellow colors, interesting look cherubim, made with white paint. However, it is worth remembering that the subtle shades erased and fade much faster than dark. Distinguished himself patterning style. Men are trying to capture the confidence and courage, so the wings are represented by strong and massive. They are often associated with religion or pictures with fidelity, protection, reliability. Apply angel tattoo on the forearm, upper arm or chest (near the heart). Last Picture symbolizes love and loyalty to God . On the blade often flaunts a guardian angel. Wings on the back symbolize strength and good humor, willingness to be for your family or chosen one defender.

    Girls are choosing wallpaper is mainly for decoration, because it looks very attractive, giving beauty femininity, gentleness, refinement. Little cherub or woman with a slender figure and look great spread wings on the blade or shoulder. Drawing on the shin — stylish and bright, on the back in the form of wings attached to the sensitivity of the girls


    angel tattoo on his forearm, chest, abdomen, neck or leg will look good in the form of small pictures, but do not reduce too much, otherwise it will lose all appeal. The best option for the drawing — back. A large canvas draw the master will allow every detail, to focus on the selected symbols, or bring the original story. Underwear picture should be symmetric, and its center line to pass right on the spine, otherwise you can visually distort the shape.

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