51 Anubis Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


The great Egyptian civilization is so multifaceted and interesting that people around the world try to learn the secrets and mysteries of ancient culture and architecture. At the same time, connoisseurs of tattoos try to understand the symbolism of Egyptian paintings. Moreover, each painting has its own deep meaning, knowledge of which is necessary for those who decide to ink the same picture on their own bodies.

Nowadays, Egyptian mythical characters, including ankhs, scarabs, god Ra and others, are especially popular among modern tattoo fans. The deity Anubis is the most mysterious and enigmatic. Before deciding to ink Anubis tattoo on your body, you should understand that this is not just a beautiful picture, but rather a complex, interesting story with special energy. After all, the ancient Egyptian god is a symbol. Thus, it certainly carries a strictly defined energy. Accordingly, a person who has such a tattoo is obliged to know what such a tattoo symbolizes.

Anubis is one of the enigmatic and mysterious Egyptian gods. In ancient mythology, he was assigned with the role of patron of dead people. The whole other world was at his mercy. Studying the data of scientific research, many of our contemporaries have acquired a not very positive opinion about Anubis, believing that even the image of this god can bring negative changes in a person’s life.

Nevertheless, there are such researchers of ancient Egypt who are sure that the meaning of Anubis tattoo is slightly exaggerated — in fact, in ancient times, this god guarded medicines and poisons. Therefore, the interpretation of its symbolism can also be interpreted in another way, that is, opening the way to something new. Modern anesthetists, psychiatrists and psychologists consider Anubis to be their patron.

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There are different versions of Anubis tattoos. Many fans of body inking know the classical version, that is, the god represented in the image of a man with the head of a jackal or a wolf.

However, today most tattoo artists offer other compositions, in which the god is represented in the form of an animal accompanied by other symbols: scales, ankhs, was, mummies or sekhems.

Back, arms and calves are the most suitable places for inking the picture of the ancient Egyptian god. The owners of such tattoos may really figure out difficult life situations and choose the right way out.


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