40 Apple Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Apple tattoo meanings

Apple Image has ancient roots and is dedicated to one of the goddesses of Rome, which suggest the spell on the people and made them fall in love with the opposite sex, resulting person unfortunately. Among the fans to shoot the apple is a symbol of precision and it is often portrayed in the center of the target. apple tattoo symbolizes:

  • sweet passion;
  • love;
  • the temptation;
  • fertility;
  • the fall.

  • If the tattoo image contains an image of playful worm, which looks out of an apple, it can mean that a person’s character a little bit spoiled. Through Bible stories Image bitten fruit represents the fall or a weakness which man takes to the opposite sex. Do not confuse the bitten apple, which is a well-known symbols of the Apple computer company. Today, many stuffed myself this emblem as a sign of love for the famous brand.

    The value of apple tattoo, which hangs on the tree can be interpreted as an image of love and fertility. Blooming apple tree is a symbol of pure love. Thus, it is possible to portray the image of apple tree, and the next to fill the name of her lover.

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    Photos and designs

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