Aquarius Zodiac Tattoos - Meanings, Photos and Designs


Zodiac signs have been considered to be very strong energy symbols since ancient times. Our ancestors thought that these simple at first sight pictures contained an unknown and great power, even capable of influencing lives of people that carry them. Perhaps, this is the reason why tattoos with astrological images still haven’t lost their relevance. This time we will try to understand symbolism and meaning of tattoos with Aquarius zodiac sign and tell you about interesting ideas, plots and stylistic solutions.


According to astrologers at the beginning of the 21st century, mankind entered the era of Aquarius, which is marked by scientific and technological progress. And it’s true, in recent years, humanity has stepped far ahead, conquering more and more new peaks in the information field. We managed to literally erase the borders between countries and continents through innovative technologies, communicating, studying and even traveling online. Experts in the field of astrological sciences attribute this to the fact that Aquarius is a star symbol combining intelligence and intuition, it is a true embodiment of the spirit of rebellion and freedom, revolutionary and innovative ideas, it doesn’t accept limitation and mediocrity.

Several myths and legends connected with the history of the origin of this constellation have survived to this day. One of them takes us back to the times of Ancient Greece and tells how during the Eneolithic period mankind completely forgot about morality, giving up on gods, forgetting about their duties, leading senseless and merciless bloody wars. Then, Master Zeus finally started hating the human race for shamelessness and bloodthirstiness and decided to eliminate all people altogether.

Titan Prometheus, who always acted as a defender of people, knew about the plan of the supreme god and decided to warn his son Deucalion about it. Year after year the young man kept climbing up the Caucasus mountains to visit his father, chained to a huge rock, to hear his advice and tips. And then one day the titan told the boy that soon people would perish. Zeus would kill them. He advised to build a ship and gather supplies of food, waiting for disaster.

Deucalion returned and told his wife Pyrrha everything and began to work on the rescue ship. As soon as he finished the construction and filled the ship with supplies, the great Thunderer Zeus sent endless rains, forbidding all winds to disperse the dark, storm-filled clouds that had thickened over the Earth. Soon the water covered everything around, there were no cities, no trees, no mountains, but Deucalion and Pyrrha were sailing across the endless ocean in their ship.

9 days after, the spouses saw the top of Mount Parnassus, to which they moored. Having settled on a small piece of land in the midst of a boundless water surface, they were sitting upset that they were destined to remain forever on this top and would see other people never again. Then Deucalion decided to sacrifice the supplies left on the ship to Zeus, hoping that God would be merciful to him. Zeus accepted the gift, and after a while the water began to wane, and the young couple started to see the land washed by the rain, cleared of all that had existed before.

Deucalion and Pyrrhus were lonely. They wandered through this vast desert and were afraid that they were left alone forever. However, after a while, the emissary of the ruler of Olympus, the god Hermes, appeared to them, and said that Zeus decided to fulfill any Deucalion’s desire for courage and kindness. The son of a wise and strong titan reckoned for a bit, and asked for only one thing. He asked the God to show his mercy, and return people to Earth.

Thunderer agreed to fulfill the young man’s request and told him and his wife to go down from the mountain, throwing down the bones of the great ancestress. The bones were stones, and the great ancestor was the mother of all the gods.

The husband and wife listened to advice of the great god: men appeared from the stones that were thrown by Deucalion, women were born from the ones that Pyrrha threw. And the son, who was born soon after the couple had survived the flood, became the ancestor of all the Greek tribes.
After the death of Deucalion, gods placed his immortal soul on the firmament, as a reminder of love, respect and morality that saved the human race from doom.

Another legend identifies Aquarius with the image of the son of a Trojan king, Ganymede, who was incredibly handsome. The story tells how Zeus was watching the worldly life from Olympus and saw the prince who shepherded the royal herd. The God liked the young man so much that the Olympus ruler turned into a huge eagle, grabbed him and carried him to the monastery of gods, giving him eternal youth and making a cupbearer. Ganymede brought and poured divine nectar, ambrosia, from the magical amphora during feasts on the top of Olympus. And then Zeus placed him in the sky, making a constellation reminiscent of a beautiful young man who gave life-giving moisture.

So, thanks to folk tales, now Aquarius often appears to us in the image of a well-built man shedding “living” water from the jug to the Earth, fertilizing it, enabling everything new to be born on the Earth.

tatuirovka-so-znakom-vodoleya-na-boku Тату-знак-зодиака-водолей Тату-знак-зодиака-водолей-на-запястье Татуировка-знак-зодиака-водолей Тату-знак-зодиака-водолей-фото


Based on the name of this zodiac sign, we are accustomed to associate Aquarius with water, but, no matter how surprising it may be, the element of air protects it. Therefore, often a stream of air, not water, flows from the jug of the “starry handsome”. Its astrological symbol in the form of zigzag lines has something in common with sea waves and with air current


As you know, watercolor tattoos are notable for their color, light negligence, weightlessness. On the skin they look as if they had really been painted with brushes and paints. Fans of romance and those who are in search of luck and inspiration may like the idea of a picture, which depicts Aquarius zodiac sign, surrounded by swirling air currents and carelessly scattered bright and shiny droplets of water.


A realistic image of a handsome, strong man with a pitcher in mighty hands won’t leave anyone indifferent. Such a tattoo, inked by an experienced, talented master, will not only surprise random people, but will also become a peculiar feature of its owner, demonstrating its inquisitive mind, ingenuity and the desire for experiments.


Traditionally, tattoos with zodiac signs are often performed with the help of ornaments. Monochrome ornamental pictures convey the ancient symbolism very well and emphasize the sacred meaning of such images.


Zodiac issue can’t be avoided by bold and catchy new school. Clear contours will make the image noticeable, and you can convey the general mood of the composition and its meaning with the help of bright colors in the best possible way.


The constellation of Aquarius and the stars around with scattered soft glow is a great idea for a tattoo, aren’t they? And what if all of this is done with the help of miniature perfectly placed dots, creating a feeling of complete weightlessness and ease? Simplicity doesn’t mean scarcity. With the help of dot technology you can create a true masterpiece, behind which lies the whole mystery.


As usual, pictures of zodiac signs are combined with their names and the date of birth of the owner of the tattoo, which are decorated with original fonts. However, in addition to similar traditional compositions, Aquarius symbol can be inked with images of space and sea landscapes, which perfectly emphasize the whole essence of this sign.

Floral and plant motifs are good for girls as a supplement to the astrological symbol. For example, violets, daffodils and wormwood are the plants closest to Aquarius. They say they enhance the magical properties of the tattoo as mascots.

By the way, people born under this sign can supplement the composition with pictures that favor Aquarius stones such as sapphire and obsidian.
The image of Aquarius in combination with marine attributes will also be very appropriate, because this constellation protects travelers and all those who are eager to receive new knowledge and discover new worlds.


The astrological symbol of Aquarius, that is two horizontal zigzag lines parallel to each other, has a lot of interpretations. The most popular one says that one of them, the upper one, denotes the mind, and the lower one defines the intuition. According to another version, the upper line symbolizes “living”, healing water, and the lower one means “dead” water, taking away souls.

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Characteristics that are supposedly endowed to people born under this mysterious sign by patron planets are ambiguous as well. On the one hand, Aquarians are real idealists, soft, kind, sometimes melancholy, used to personal comfort and appreciation of others, on the other hand, they always come to the rescue, having overcome their own troubles or simply stepping over them. They love success, but try not to show their triumph, and the information for them is the highest value, for which they are willing to pay worthily, and then apply it so that it could cover the costs a dime a dozen. According to descriptions of astrologers, people born under the sign of Aquarius don’t cease to amaze people around with their versatility and unpredictability.

It seems that a symbol with two lines, which represent two opposites, conveys the whole essence of the above qualities at its best. It is considered to be an amulet, a mascot for luck, bringing material prosperity and success to its owner.

Believe it or not – you are the one to choose. But if you decided to adorn your body with a tattoo with the image of Aquarius, put your soul into this idea and hope that it will help you in bringing your plans and desires to life with all your heart, perhaps, even the fact that skeptics don’t believe it will become a drop of “living” water for you.

Татуировка-знак-зодиака-водолей-на-запястье Татуировка-знак-зодиака-водолей-на-запястье-парня Татуировка-знак-зодиака-водолей-на-спине-девушки Татуировка-знак-зодиака-водолей-фото Татуировка-знак-зодиака-водолей-на-шее-девушки Татуировка-на-ноге-знак-зодиака-водолей Татуировка-на-шее-девушки-знак-водолея Татуировки-знак-зодиака-водолей-за-ухом Фото-знака-зодиака-водолей-тату Фото-знак-зодиака-водолей-татуировка



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