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Nowadays, no one is surprised to see tattooed inscriptions on arms or bizarre bracelets on ankles. And this doesn’t mean that people are sick and tired of tattoo art. It simply became extremely widespread at the end of 2000s. In the middle of the 20th century, body inking was mainly a mark of various nonconformist currents (rockers, bikers, skinheads). But nowadays bright pictures, inked on bodies forever, can be seen on people with higher education, modestly working in the office and without even shocking people with conservative views. Someone sees beauty in this, someone (mostly elderly old-fashioned people) thinks it’s a vice. Nevertheless, the fact remains the same: more and more often young people (and not only young ones) want to ink their bodies with images that will help them emphasize their individuality, will enable them to stand out from the ruck. How can people tell others about themselves with the help of tattoos? For example, you can ink your zodiac sign on skin. Let’s talk about the meaning of a tattoo with Aries zodiac sign.


Greek legend can tell us about the origin Aries zodiac sign. Once upon a time, there lived the beautiful goddess of the skies of Nephele. King Athamas was her husband. The regal couple was raising two charming children: a boy and a girl named Phrixus and Helle. A happy couple lived in perfect harmony and nothing seemed to mean trouble. But one day the king brought the second wife, an insidious plotter Princess Ino, into his chambers. The arrogant princess used all her love spells against the king to get rid of her rival with her children. After a while, the naive king, being intoxicated with Ino’s scorching beauty, ordered to drive out his elder wife from his possessions. The goddess Nephele was bitterly saddened, but she didn’t dare resist the will of the king.

After the departure of the goddess of heaven, a terrible drought fell on Boeotia, where the couple lived. Common people terribly suffered because of this. But the sly Ino decided to turn the trouble for her good. She persuaded the king to sacrifice his son, in order to propitiate gods and bring back rains to the lands of Boeotia. However, the insidious plan of the cruel queen wasn’t meant to come true. The beautiful Nephele came out of the storm cloud with the golden sheep. The sheep took Phrixus and Helle away from the wicked stepmother on his broad back.

The brave Aries was rushing far away, and children were close to saving Colchis, but Helle looked down at the raging sea and fell into turbid waters out of fear. The brother suffered a great loss of his little sister, but there was nothing he could do – he didn’t have power to save Helle. Since then, the sea, in raging waters of which Helle found her eternal rest, is called Hellespont.

The brave Aries managed to save little Phrixus and brought him safely to Colchis. But the cunning ruler of these lands deceived Aries and took away the boy from a noble animal as a sacrifice to Zeus the Thunderer, in order to get the Golden Fleece. However, the stolen life didn’t bring happiness to the treacherous king. The Golden Fleece brought nothing to him and his heirs except strife. The noble Aries went to Olympus, and even proud gods bowed before his courage and commitment.


It can be difficult to choose the style, which will suit you perfectly, will be able to emphasize your personality, among a great variety of tattoo styles. Nevertheless, today we’ll try to find the style that will not only perfectly harmonize with Aries zodiac sign, but also help emphasize personal features.



The name of this style speaks for itself. The picture inked on body in the style of realism should be as true to life as possible. For example, if you want to depict a sheep instead of the constellation of Aries or a simple zodiac symbol, you should choose a responsible and well-proven tattoo artist, who has a remarkable artistic talent.


You surely know that “trash” means “garbage”. Hence, it follows that the style of trash polka is a kind of “garbage art”. And admirers of this style are accustomed to finding beauty in those animate or inanimate objects that most people consider to be horrible, disgusting and even vile. Predominant colors of this style are as bright and provocative as it is. They are red and black. Aries in trash polka style will look good in the form of a skull of a sheep with a bright background.


The peculiarity of dotwork is the dot technique of inking, which is a characteristic feature only of this style. Tattoos in dotwork style can be large-scale, provocative and rebellious. Often, fans of dotwork turn to ethnic motives, thinking ideas for their new tattoos thoroughly through. In this style, Aries can be depicted in the form of zodiac sign, that is, V-shaped horns.



This is a style that requires the tattoo master to have special skills in hatching, since the main feature of graphics is inking the image on body with small dashes and thick hatching of saturated colors. Of course, it would be wrong to believe that tattoos inked in graphic style should be exclusively black. Nevertheless, it is completely unacceptable to use dilute, light tones and blurred lines, while inking tattoos in graphic style. Aries can be depicted in graphic style as a schematic zodiac sign and in the form of a proud animal standing on the mountain top.


Some connoisseurs of tattoo art consider hand poke to be an old-fashioned style. Well, it’s partly true, because hand poke appeared long before the invention of modern tattoo machines. Initially, tattoos in this style were made by teenagers, informal people, who simply didn’t have means or desire get services of professionals. But nowadays, tattoos in hand poke style ceased to be scornfully branded as “hand-made tattoos”. Some connoisseurs of tattoo art prefer to be inked exclusively in hand poke style, paying tribute to the good old traditions. Usually, tattoos in this style are relatively small. A miniature image of Aries can decorate the ankle or wrist of a person who loves tattoos, but can’t stand exposure of body for show.


Aries is rightfully considered to be a symbol of new life birth, as it’s the first sign of zodiacal circle. Aries is determined and resolute by nature. S/he is accustomed to setting goals clearly and achieving these goals at any cost, regardless of any obstacles. S/he is smart, enterprising, a little selfish, but these traits help him/her win in the eternal life struggle. Some people believe that if you were born under this zodiac sign, you are a little naive, like a child. This is not the case.

Nevertheless, Aries still has some childish features, including: childish openness and frankness. Aries are not used to cheating, deceiving. They are always open and straightforward. They have open mind.
If you can’t choose in which composition Aries will be inked on your body, you can turn to the characteristics of this sign, or to the history of the symbol. So, you can depict Aries in the form of a golden sheep with the background of a blue sky, striving for the stars. In this case, stars can symbolize both career heights (Aries can always conquer them because of his/her tough temper), as well as the path of the first golden Aries that saved children of the goddess Nephele from the terrible doom — to be sacrificed by the evil stepmother. On the back of Aries, you can ink children: a boy and a girl – Phrixus and Helle. Turning to the legend of the first zodiac sign, you can put Aries in the form of a sheep in the center of zodiac circle, where the symbol of this zodiac sign will be highlighted in red, and all the rest will remain dark.


Since Mars is the patron of Aries, people born under this sign are natural-born warriors. In the modern world, when wars over territory have already worked out, the militant spirit of Aries will help them fight, defending their position, successfully moving up the career ladder, easily eliminating competitors. However, the desire to constantly go ahead can sometimes prevent Aries from achieving success in the art of diplomacy.

If you turn to the history of the symbol, Aries will undoubtedly be a committed defender of the weak. He will fight for them, even risking his own life.

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