53 Armor Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Armor tattoo meaning and designs

If we consider the importance of tattoos armor, it may be noted that it is primarily designed for men. Although its use is not so simple as it might seem at first sight.

Some people believe that a tattoo armor or armor generally do severe courageous people , a great interest in the martial arts and know how to handle knives. Others on the other hand, suggests that this tattooed give courage and boldness of the owner is not too manly character.

It is believed that the armor tattoo on his shoulder is protected by various ills and troubles. However, this is understandable, because in his time armor and armor used it as a defense, however, more than physical.

When considering the deep symbolism you can notice that the armor on the body can serve as a shield against the propensity to vices. The man with the tattoo armor purposeful and always ready to fight for their ideals.

Varients of body armor

Today there are so many options for tattoo armor. For example, often make the tattoo armor, complementing it by some animal. She will bear a different meaning, associating the owner of the tattoo with a certain animal.

It is also not unusual to find such a combination, like armor and flowers, that means protection of fragile and delicate creatures. And increasingly becoming inseparable armor and sword — this is to the liking of militant and committed people who are ready to defend and always go forward


Today, tattoo armor also symbolizes courage and bravery.

тату солнцеворот 1

Powerful amulet


Persistence, Honor, willpower

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Designs and photos

Татуировка-с-доспехом Татуировка-наплечник Татуировка-латы-на-плече Татуировка-латы-на-груди-и-плечах Татуировка-доспехов-на-руке Татуировка-доспех-на-руке Татуировка-доспех-наплечник Татуирвоки-с-доспехами Татуирвока-латы-рыцаря Тату-доспехи-на-руках Тату-доспехи-на-голени Тату-доспех-в-виде-креста Тату-доспех Тату-воин-в-латах Тату-воин-в-доспехах Тату-в-виде-доспехов-на-руках Тату-броня-на-груди Наколка-наплечник Наколка-латы-на-плечах Наколка-доспех-на-плече Наколка-в-виде-доспеха-воина Значение-татуировки-доспехи Варианты-тату-доспехи Варианты-наколки-доспех Фото-тату-доспехи-на-плече Фото-тату-доспехи Фото-наколки-с-латами-на-плече Тату-часть-доспехов Татуха-доспехи Тату-самурай-в-доспехах Тату-рыцари-в-доспеъаъ Тату-рукава-в-виде-доспехов Тату-наплечник-доспеълв Тату-красный-наплечник Татуировка-шлем-гладиатора-на-плече Татуировка-с-доспехом-на-груди

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