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Indians have always used tattoos as a link with gods, amulets and showed their creativity. Tattoos of Aztec tribes are significantly different from others. Their paintings are unique, full of small details. A variety of options, directions of tattoos can be identified as a separate style of inking. In addition to beauty, their tattoos had sacred meaning, brought them closer to gods, connected them with the other world. In Aztec tribes, not only adults but also children had tattoos on their bodies. These people paid great attention to art. Everyone had been trained in pottery and other fields since they were young.



Aztec tattoo sketches are easy to find or create. They were used in various rituals dedicated to deities.

  1. God of the Sun. Similar to many other tribes and cultures of ancient people, the Aztecs worshiped the sun. People saw evidence of existence of the other world in its daily movement. It was believed that every person is reborn after death and acquires a new life, as the sun is. Tattoos of the Aztecs depicted the sun in the form of a blue face. In addition to it, the image contained many other symbols, elements of the artistic language of this people. Currently, the “sun” Aztec tattoo also symbolizes the afterlife, rebirth. In addition to the image of the star, the Aztec dagger is used. A living heart was an offering to God. The dagger that carved it was considered a sacred symbol.
  2. God of warriors. It existed not only in the Aztec tribes, but also in the Maori. It was depicted in the form of a face with a tongue hanging out, which was also surrounded by various symbols.
  3. God of creativity. Another name for this deity is the winged serpent god. He also acted as a patron of weather, fertility, wisdom. Many other peoples and tribes had the same god.

Beside religious tattoos, people celebrated their achievements on body. Thus, they expressed gratitude to gods for help in battles, hunting, position in the tribe and other life victories.

In addition to deities, images of eagles, warriors, symbols from the language, moon and stars were inked on bodies.

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Ancient people of the Aztec tribes believed that the body had certain energy centers. The area of abdomen, chest or arms belonged to them. In their opinion, energy flowed through these places and, communication with gods strengthened, if tattoos were inked in these places.

Currently, Aztec tattoos are popular not only because of their meaning, but also because of their unusual, colorful look. The image can be not only in color, but also in black and white. A lot of small parts and the complexity of the image make the inking process long. It is often split into several sessions.

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