40 Ballerina Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


A ballerina tattoo is quite common in European tattoo culture. It is well known that the «age» of this picture is not too large (just some 100 years). It appeared in those days when the triumphal development of world ballet began. The admiration for grace and the beauty of the movement of the dancers encouraged people to decorate their bodies with such beautiful pictures.

The tattoo of a ballerina is mostly considered a female drawing, because with its help the girls dream to emphasize their beauty and grace. Although today some guys do not mind decorating their brave body with a miniature figure of a dancer.

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Татуировка с балериной Владимира Винокура

The fact of painting such an image on the body of the famous Russian artist Vladimir Vinokur is known. Thus, the artist congratulated his daughter (she is a ballet dancer) on her birthday, expressing love and devotion with such gesture.

If we talk about the meaning of a ballerina tattoo, then it is twofold: on the one hand, it is associated with ease and grace, on the other hand — with grueling, painstaking work. After all, everyone knows that it is only the performances of the dancer in front of the audience that look like something light, beautiful and elegant.

And if you go to a regular rehearsal in the dance hall, you can see how hard each movement, every element, is worked out. The ballerina not only work every day in the rehearsal room, but also exhaust her body with severe diets and strict regime.

The tattooed ballerina has the following meaning: not everything is as simple as it seems from the beginning, because the perseverance and diligence is hiding behind the shell of beauty and grace.

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