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Dancer tattoo meaning

In the European culture of tattoos is quite common tattoo dancer. It is known that the «age» of the picture is not too large (only some 100 years). He appeared at the time, when the triumphant development of world ballet. The worship of grace and beauty of movement dancers inspired people to decorate their body such beautiful pictures.

Tattoo ballerina mostly considered a feminine figure, because with its help girls dream to emphasize its beauty, elegance and grace. Although today and some guys do not mind to decorate a miniature figure of a dancer his masculine body.

Женская тату балерина Интересная тату балерина Красивая татуировка с балериной Красочная тату балерина Тату c балериной

Татуировка с балериной Владимира Винокура

It is known fact of applying such an image to the body of the famous Russian actor Vladimir Vinokur. Thus the actor congratulated his daughter (she is a ballet dancer) with her birthday, a gesture expressing his love and devotion.

If we talk about the importance of tattoos ballerina, it is twofold: on the one hand, is associated with ease and grace, on the other hand — a debilitating and hard work. Because we all know that this is only the performances the dancers to the audience look like something easy, beautiful and elegant.

And if to go to the regular rehearsals in the dance hall, we can see how difficult it is fulfilled every movement, every element. Not only is the ballerina daily work in the rehearsal room, so also wears your body brutal diets and strict mode.

tattooing ballerina has the following meaning: not so simple as it seems initially, because of the beauty and grace of the shell hides perseverance and hard work.

тату гейша 1

Beauty, elegance

тату мерлин монро 30
Marilyn Monroe

Interest in the personality of Marilyn Monroe

Photos and designs

Тату балерина на боку Тату балерина на ноге тату балерина Наколка балетки Тату для девушки Татуировка балерина на боку девушки Татуировка балерина на предплечье Татуировка балерина на руке Татуировка балерина Тату фея над грудью Татуировка с балериной на боку девушки Татуировка с балериной на плече Татуировка танцовщица Фото тату балерина Фото тату с танцовщицей Фото тату танцовщицы Фото татуировки балерина Фото татуировки балетки Фото татуировки с балериной Чб татуировка балерина татуировка на плече Балерина

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