43 Balloon Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Balloon tattoo meaning

We can not say that the balloon — a tattoo, which can be seen at every step. We can only note that some like cartoon image of balls, and some prefer the picture to the approximate realistic execution of the selected option. A harmonious combination with other elements of the image indicates that the tattoo balloon universal.

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People who opt for tattoos himself as a subject, usually consciously associate themselves with a balloon , which can travel in the air for a long time, easily coming off the ground. Here is a slightly detached attitude towards life, playfulness, denial of authority distinguished travelers who want to get out of the usual circle of concerns. Meaning tattoo balloon — easy, carefree, love of travel and adventure. It is a symbol of joy and children’s first love. It is difficult to imagine without thinking more positive and friendly thing. Particular attention is paid owners tattoos sacred value inscriptions accompanying the image of the balloon. It can also be called a symbolic decision to accept the changes that come along with a variable wind, and easily let go of the problem and to meet new levels with the tattoo.

According to the tradition, at the end, we offer you our photo gallery and sketches tattoo balloon. If suddenly you have not found a suitable option — it does not matter! This story does not differ very complex to implement and virtually any professional tattoo artist will be able to fulfill your ideas without the sketch — frihend, drawing directly on the skin.

тату глобус 26

Curiosity, the desire to travel

тату пазл 30

Flippant attitude to life

Photos and designs

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