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Bamboo tattoo

In recent decades, among art lovers especially popular Japanese symbols. The tattoo is no exception, especially because the Japanese tattoo masters are unsurpassed craftsmen, writing to all to whom painted for months and even years to come.

Japanese craze for symbols is not always justified, because many people are hesitant to put drawing, not knowing its meaning and symbolism, although they do not pay attention to such things. One of the most positive characters of Japanese tattoo on the right is bamboo.

This pattern is applied to different parts of the body, but most commonly on the back, because many of the ring divided by a tubular stalk of bamboo intuitively associated with the spine parts.

In fact, bamboo structure (similar to the structure of the human spine) allows the plant to grow and develop.

Tattoo bamboo can be attributed to the winter symbols , as the plant blooms in the cold season. In this regard, this figure will approach «winter» Type of people — balanced, calm, looking to improve their knowledge and skills


And, indeed, according to the Japanese symbols, the value of bamboo tattoo is associated with growth, development and truthfulness. This means that the color depicted on the body bamboo pattern also needs to be given due attention. For example, stretching up bamboo shoots green highlight commitment to the development , the ability to recover from a difficult life storms.

тату пальма 1

Longevity, craving for the exotic

тату виноград 30

The determination, wisdom

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