Baphomet Tattoo: Meanings, Photos and Designs


Today we suggest understanding the meaning of Baphomet tattoos. This is what the satanic deity is called. First references to it are found in 1195. It was the Latin form of the name Mohammed at that time. And already in 1307, the name Baphomet was used as the name of one of satanic creatures. Knights supposedly worshipped him during various rituals. Today, it is impossible to disprove or confirm these data. Priests considered Baphomet to be the devil. At that time, the Templars were accused of heresy and even the chief of the Order of Knights Templars was burned at the stake.

Perhaps, in reality, the Templars didn’t worship Baphomet and all this information was spread by the inquisitors themselves aiming at accusing them of heresy and thereby getting rid of the problematic order.

Not so long ago, Eliphas decided to resurrect this demon. He painted it on a deck of tarot cards. It appeared on the pages of his book in an open source. There was an alchemical inscription on arms of this creature.

Satyr is similar to Baphomet in appearance. In ancient Greek mythology, he was the companion of the god Dionysus. He has goat legs and horns, and there is a small beard on his head. He is overly lustful and likes to joke. After adoption of Christianity, the former gods were branded as impure beings. Communication with them was called unsafe.

Baphomet had its symbolism in the 20th century. The artist Giger created the most impressive images of this creature. He tried to link the mythical legend and modern technologies and fears.

Sometimes, though not so often, you can see a tattoo of Baphomet on bodies of men and women. Representatives of both sexes prefer to make colorful images in traditional style.

Most often these tattoos are chosen because the image is spectacular, and not because it has a special meaning. However, the owner of such a tattoo should reckon a little before inking it.

Such an image will mean an interest in history, ancient culture, magic, occultism, esotericism. A person with such a tattoo is self-confident and likes to be in the spotlight.


Sometimes men choose spectacular tattoos with the image of Baphomet. Most often, men prefer images in the style of graphics and realism.


Such images will mean the following for men:

  • interest in magic, occultism;
  • interest in history;
  • desire to stand out from the crowd;
  • desire to shock others;

A tattoo depicting Baphomet tells that its owner is interested in magic, esotericism and occultism. In addition, a man is likely to be interested in history.


The owner of such a special tattoo surely likes to stand out from the crowd and shock others.

However, sometimes men ink such tattoos not because of their special symbolism, but because of their spectacular image.


Sometimes, although not so often, women ink tattoos with the image of Baphomet. Most often, women choose tattoos in old school and watercolor style. These images mean the following for women:

  • desire to be in the spotlight;
  • interest in occultism, magic;
  • interest in history;

A spectacular tattoo with Baphomet tells about the woman’s desire to be in the highlight, in addition.

Such women are probably fond of occultism and interested in history.


There are many tattoos with the image of Baphomet. Often both men and women choose tattoos in graphics style. Such tattoos are more popular with followers of minimalism.

Tattoos in old-school technique look no less spectacular and are often chosen by both men and women.


The extraordinary image in the style of realism is often chosen by women and men. Such patterns on the body look very impressive and cause ambiguous feelings among others.


You can ink a spectacular tattoo on any part of your body.

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