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Barbed wire tattoo meanings

Usually, a tattoo of barbed wire used in the context of prison style . People who have spent years in prison, as a rule, have the image on the shoulders.

wrongfully convicted prisoners do tattoos in the form of barbed wire, which is the background for the cross. If to this add artistic composition sailboat and sunshine, then this picture is the belief in the bright days of the future and respect towards parents. If languishing entwined rose flower, it means that the girl was in a prison for juveniles.

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Barbed wire — a tattoo, the value of which is unique. This tattooed can mean not only belong to the dungeons of the places not so remote, but also to be a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice. If the human body is represented by a heart that burns with fire and entwined with barbed wire in the form of the crown of thorns, it speaks of great compassion, love. Mercy and forgiveness of the world invested in the execution of a painting.

The broken wire as tattoos can be regarded as the end of a complex phase of life. Earlier, when the value of tattoos had meaning, picture, executed in the form of a wire circuit, symbolized closed, asocial man who appreciates violence and carrying it in ourselves. But over time, some changed their attitude to the true value of the tattoo, so connecting the different elements of the bright, the Wizard receives a colorful picture that attracts attention to himself.

Where stuffed wire?

This tattoo can be placed at the ankles, biceps, wrist or hip. Belted ankle tattoos or biceps can not bear any information, and can be characterized as a hot-tempered man, and embittered. Images of barbed wire in the form of woven hearts may be indicative of strong love. But if the hearts of added blood drops, it is possible with this feeling a person associated memories or sad tragedy.

barbed wire tattoo on his arm can be located on the biceps and the wrist. Variations on a theme, there are many, like the classic wire bracelet and snake wound around the arm of thorns. It’s time to go to our gallery of photos and sketches, and to understand whether such a plot is suitable for you!

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Photos and designs

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