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Barcode tattoo meaning

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to imagine on the supermarket shelves, even the most trifling items, on which the package would be absent from the barcode scanner reads special.

What there are bar codes and that is encrypted in them?


The coded information in the form of numbers, arranged by stripes of varying lengths and widths, contains very important information about any product or product consumption. It constitutes a bar code for a particular commodity as to confirm its legitimacy, to fix the price set on him, and to determine its validity, and many other things. It is worth noting that the manufacturer code is a serious responsibility with regard to the measure of quality of production made them.

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What does the tattoo of a bar code, and much better stuff?

It is enough to recently trade barcode began to appear in the art of tattoo. This tattooed with such an image on the back of the neck became especially popular among young people who want an unusual way to stand out from the crowd.

For some tattoo bar code means nothing more than an unusual image, decorating the body, for others — a means of expression, for the third — a challenge of protest regarding the category of people who do not see much difference between the person and the goods . Those who still faces a choice, it is necessary to recognize the degree of self-importance and meaning of drawing.

It should be said and what the number should be used in a tattoo with the image of the bar code?

When a tattoo in the form of a bar code, the most commonly used figures symbolizing something extraordinarily important, or the most happy in life events. Sometimes it is applied to the date of birth.

Is it possible to apply the tattoo barcode girl if her body already has other tattoos?

According to the unknown is because, the beautiful half of humanity rarely dare to inflict on his excellent body tattooed with the image of the bar code. Perhaps the reason is that women, unlike younger people, there are many more options for self-expression.

tattoo with the image of the bar code is applied as a single figure, and additional. This is explained by the fact that among the great number of drawings, is one of those stories that is capable of harmoniously combined with any other images of tattoos.

It’s time to turn to our gallery of photos and sketches tattoo barcode!

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Photos and designs

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