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Bat tattoo meanings

Bats are a subspecies of the order bat. Just think — bats — sounds, right? The main feature of these creatures is a nocturnal . Almost all of them spend their days hanging upside down, and only come out to hunt at night. Small flyers feed on insects (which requires incredible flying skills), large birds — birds and amphibians. In the Americas, there are several views of «vampires» that feed on the blood of large animals.


Tattoo bat causes several associations. Fans of the vampire theme madly attracted to dark power emanating from the bats. Most popular novels vampire portrayed it in the form of bats. It is believed that these tattoos dark suit, closed people. In the Middle Ages, Europeans associated with the image of a bat to feel supernatural powers. In folklore, magicians and sorcerers often use them in their rituals. Another meaning of tattoo bat — vision, the ability to see through, alert . Such an association is, first of all, with the ability to move quickly in the dark, which helps hunt flyers.

Thus, such tatuha would rather be perceived as a manifestation of demonic entities. There are exceptions — in China bats symbolize luck and longevity. I can not say one more interesting detail. Today tattoo bat is very often associated with the incredibly popular superhero named Batman . Man-bat, a defender of civilians and fighter against crime, which filmed a dozen films, puts in a tattoo depicting his character more values.

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In addition, an attribute of a winged mouse army intelligence men tattoo .

So, we have another tattoo with contradictory value. Surely clearly only one thing — bat associated with night. From an artistic point of view, such a picture is almost always depicted shades of black. The bat can be alone or in a pack, with spread wings or sleeping, closing wings. It is interesting to look at the background picture yellow moon or mist. And in the end, as always, a few sketches and photos of tattoo with the image of a bat.

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