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Bear tattoo meanings

Bear Tattoo — the original and symbolic picture. In what way and to what areas of the body it is best to put the image, we will describe in this article. With the help of photos and sketches you can appreciate the greatness and beauty of the beast, despite its massive and menacing look.

Tattoos bear came to us from the Celtic times, when the soldiers made their emblem, and a girl — feminine symbol of the moon and childbearing. Since then, the value of pictures in two ways: on the one hand represents a predator aggression and brutality, courage and bravery, and on the other — motherhood, care, protection of offspring


fierce and enormous beast feared, but want to be like him, especially on the battlefield. Watching clumsy habits, different peoples in their own deified him, so there are different values ​​and legends.

  • Rebirth and new life. Brown and black bears sleep all winter in the den, and only come to the spring fishery. Bear Tattoo closed mouth is applied to the person, ready to radically change their habits and life.

  • The symbol of struggle, physical and spiritual strength. To highlight the courage, determination, resilience and strength to overcome all obstacles, the stronger sex predator chooses the image of brown or grizzly, complementing the image of savagery and vindictiveness. polar bear tattoo means not only loneliness and independence, but also a wild desire to protect their territory from outsiders, to survive in any situation. This symbol is often found among the northern nations. Underwear picture looks great in the performance of white paint.

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  • The militancy and heroism. This value went to the Viking era. Their power and countless victories in battle lay in the front line, where there were Berserkers — aggressive and fierce warriors in bearskin. Since then, rumors about werewolves as on the men possessed superhuman strength, continued to fight even after being wounded with a spear and fell to the ground only after the victory. They patronized the One God, and to him fell the souls of dead berserkers. According to Norse mythology, the bear tied them with the divine, gave them energy to fight. Underwear picture claw marks means nobility and military prowess, the mystical forces. If the bear is portrayed with red or fiery eyes, he is a symbol of Berserkers werewolves. In ancient Germany existed warlike god Thor, he reincarnated into a wild beast. The priestesses of the temple of the goddess Artemis, the patroness of fertility and hunting, predator wore suits. Shamans using his mask summoned spirits of the forest. Tattoo Slavic bear embodies the wisdom and motherhood. It is believed that the ancestor of the Slavs — furry animal, the owner and custodian of the forest thicket
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  • The bear could mean infinite and eternal power. In Egypt, the picture could be purely pharaohs, demigods-half people. Indian ruler to use the image as a title. The common people had no power applied to the animal’s body image. Bear paw tattoo symbolizes power, power, nobility and military prowess, some people consider a mystical symbol.
  • The bear embodies the wisdom, justice and patience mostly among the Japanese. However, they like the panda. Underwear picture of the animal will suit individuals with a deep inner peace, no evil thoughts, calm and positive, are not capable of quick action. Indians addition symbolize the beast with the energy of peace and freedom, conduct ceremonies.

  • Tattoo Russian bear — greatness, luck, courage. It protects hunters, giving them courage and help in the woods. He is the national symbol of Russia. Athletes often applied to the image of the Olympic bear that became popular in 1980.
  • An evil beast that generates sin. That gave him a symbol of the representatives of the Islamic and the Christian religion, as well as the West. They refer to a predator diabolical forces, though he declines to mankind greed, gluttony and other misdemeanors. However, always the fear of predators and natural hazards generates faith in the forces of darkness or Gods.

  • Bear Tattoo on zone means a dominant position, if it is applied to the shoulder. The jailers believe that the beast tightens the physical and spiritual wounds. If the animal is and holds in paws a medieval ax, it points to bear hunter — cracker. The second option: the offender was serving a sentence in the logging.
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Bear Tattoos for Men — power and self-confidence

Men choose more aggressive and larger pictures than girls. If applied to a teddy bear, is a bloody dagger in his paw. In the male body look great predators Polynesian, realistic and Celtic style with wicker elements and abstraction with broken lines and rounded lines. Well look at the tattoo bear arms, shoulders, back and chest. You can apply symmetric pictures will turn out very effectively.

Some of the person’s head is applied to the robot predator: on the one hand a thick coat, the other — metal elements . For wearable paintings should choose large thumbnails, and even entire scenes. Interestingly looks bear in armor with sword and shield and with a focused view. Often there are tattoos bear on the foot and the hand in front of his head and two large paws with claws. Additional elements can be taiga, armor, scratches, drops of blood.

The image in a realistic style to perform better in one color, using a large range of shades, shadows, transitions. You can draw the other pigment tongue and teeth. Look beautiful brown and white animal on the back, where you can create a unique plot and volume.

Men often choose tattoo bear a grin , which means courage, spiritual and physical strength, willingness to fight with the enemy at any moment, to overcome adversity.

Women bear tattoo — motherhood and protection

Girls often choose to bear with bear, symbolizing care and love to children and families. If predator licking baby — a symbol of art, because it gives a new form of its wool. Animals are almost always portrayed with a closed mouth, seem to be more calm and kind. It will look beautiful teddy bear with a heart on the back, giving the image a light playfulness. Pandas and brown bears can be supplemented with eucalyptus or bamboo. Feminine looks predator circuit when instead of wool grow white flowers. It is interesting to look at the faces of animals or stop the blade. Girls prefer to apply a bear tattoo from childhood fairy-tale characters, or plush toys.

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