25 Beaver Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Beaver tattoo designs

Tattoo birch is a symbol of hard work and skill, the ability to overcome difficult challenges in life and be able to adapt to it. Also, this image is a reflection of the animal diligence and sense of solidarity . The reason for this lies in his natural instincts. In his element beaver — construction and an example of the ideal family man.


Tattoo cobra painted with elements of building subjects, represents the ability to convert dreams and submission to the competitive action to achieve them.

Tatu, where the beaver teeth, used for the expression of his second performance. His big teeth — a weapon that he is ready to be used for defense. He guards created their own home, always on the alert to protect his family from danger. Therefore such performance tattoo beaver characterizes a person as a responsible family man.

Another natural principle of life beaver may underlie tattoos. Buildings beaver always have multiple outputs, giving this animal a lot of opportunities to avoid the dangers. For people living on the principle: «If you shut one door, then another open» tattoo, which depicts a beaver, will only accentuate their credo


It should be added that Christianity in the image of this animal has invested a symbol of peace, austerity and chastity.

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