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Bee tattoo meanings

When we discussed with the image of spiders tattooed on the body, we joked about the fact that it is one of the few insects that are used as subjects for tattoos. Today, however, we seriously talk about another tiny creature that has long been revered as the representatives of different cultures and modern art tattoo fans.

a tattoo in the form of a bee has a lot of positive values. In the Middle East, people believed that it originated from the tears of the god Ra. You can find a mention in the myths and legends of ancient Greece that the bees toiler assisted by the gods. We delve into the literature and have put together a list of the most popular values ​​bee tattoos.

  1. Hard work . This quality is embodied in numerous folklore: fairy tales, parables, epics about bees. Throughout his life, they work tirelessly over the production of honey, which in ancient times was referred to as the nectar of the gods. «Labour as a bee» — so today talk about a workaholic, energetic and active people
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  3. Thrift . The image of bees is often used by some modern commercial organizations, such as the famous mobile phone operator and the payment system. This is due to the manner of bees to make stocks for the winter. Thus, bee tattoo in this context can mean:

    • Thrifty,
    • thrift,
    • foresight.

  4. Motherhood . This value is a bee suit tattoo girls. The ancient peoples, where a woman was considered the foundation of the family, the bee is deeply revered as a symbol of matriarchy. Beehive in this case is associated with the family, and the bee — with a woman that contains it in order.
Тату с пчелами на ступнях Тату с плелой Тату с летящей пчелой Тату пчелка Тату пчелка за ухом

How to draw a tattoo with a bee?

Today we are discussing one of the most universal symbols of all subjects for tattoos. After all, bees, like other insects, small enough and realistic image can be placed on almost any part of the body.

On the other hand, you can put a large insect on the thickest part of the body, adding to the image such as the attributes:

  • Flower,
  • hive,
  • a barrel of honey and honeycomb.

Image bees may be realistic or cartoon, color or black and white. Variants of sketches with the participation of these creatures you can think of countless.

It remains to wish you to choose the best idea and boldly go into the cabin, and to help determine the choice, we present our photo gallery and tattoo designs with a bee!

тату мотылек 30

Naivete, attractiveness, ease

тату скарабей 1

Revival, achieving goals

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Тату пчела с надписью Тату пчела на ступне Тату пчела на плече Пчелка за ухом Тату летящий шмель Мультяшная татуировка с пчелой Маленькая тату пчела Крошечная тату с пчелой Красочная татуировка плеча Красивая татуировка пчела Картинка с пчелой Большая тату с пчелой Большая тату с пчелой на груди 3д тату пчела Эскиз тату с пчелой ЧБ татуировка пчела ЧБ татуирвока пчела Пчела Татуировка пчела Татуировка пчела на шее Татуировка пчела на плече Татуировка пчела на ноге Татуировка пчела на лопатке Татуировка пчела на запястье Татуировка пчела за ухом Татуировка пчела во всю спину Тату шмель Тату с пчелой за ухом

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