25 Bicycle Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Bicycles as an object for tattoo

Today, fewer and fewer people think about the meaning of certain paintings, each of which carries some meaning. For example, a bicycle is a tattoo favorite subject among those associated with cycling.

Owners of modern cycling, acquiring it, as a rule, are not scheduled for yourself what the serious purposes. But only those for whom the bicycle is the subject of special treatment, and other object of concern, may quite responsibly and consciously make a tattoo depicting the vehicle.

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What picture can be a source of pride for both men and women, and it indicates that the person belongs to the cycle of the aristocracy, that is directly related to the kind of cult of the two-wheeled assistant and friend.

The most demanded style tattoos depicting a bicycle — retro. In other figures it can be very simple, even somewhat schematic. If the client wishes, the master can draw carefully traced, different small details accurate.

In a broad sense, the value of the bike tattoo — freedom. It even can be represented with wings. Naturally, most of the owners of such tattoos does things with a pinch of humor. It is easy enough story, and does not burden not loading the holder any special energy that can be expected, for example, from tattoos with Japanese carp.

Тату трезубец на спине

The symbol of the trinity

Тату ножницы

Commitment to the profession

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Photos and designs

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