23 Blade Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Blade tattoo meanings

Blades are present in many cultures. The tattoo symbolizes different things in varying degrees, are characterized by the word «acute». Tattoo blade warns temper its owner, his intemperance, unbridled temper, temper, irritability over trifles.

Since the razor is used as one of the suicide guns, tattoo has a negative meaning. Many unsuccessful suicide in the United States currently applied a tattoo.

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In 70-80 years with a razor tattoo done by people who used cocaine. Blade divided drugs into portions. Tattoos do not just drug addicts, but also dealers.

The blade is also pointing to the affiliation of its support to the criminal world, to the profession, which are beyond the law.

The value of the tattoo blade shows a tendency to depression , suicidal tendencies, short-tempered and explosive. Figure warns that communication with the person can be very dangerous, so you always need to be wary.

The shaver is preferably a component of a composition. Very rarely it portrayed separately. Typically, a blade with a rose or traces of blood. Colors may vary, but most often it is colored drawings. It may be depicted as a separate blade and razor fully.

The main methods of image

  • The blade runs through the heart — evidence of the unfortunate unrequited love
  • .

  • Razor on a background of roses and blood.

  • The razor, gun, rose.

  • The razor with a network.

The tattoo can be placed on the wrist, forearm, shoulder. This man’s tattoo. Most often, this tattooed indicates unclean past. Razor — a typical character in the old school style tattoos. To this tattoo should be treated with caution due to the strong negative energy.

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тату слеза под глазом 1
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Photos and designs

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