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Tattoo of a blood type

We have repeatedly talked about tattoos, which can be roughly classified as «an army.» In this article, we discussed tattoos denoting membership to individual military units.

Today, we would like to show you some photos of tattoo blood. This phenomenon occurred a very long time, and at that time had a purely practical value. During the Second World War, almost all soldiers of the German army had such tattoos. We are still talking about the medical tattoos, in which the owners basically leave the information-intensive care physicians.

Tattoo blood, tend to make military on the chest or arm . The most practical is located in the armpit area. This ensures the safety of the inscriptions, even in the case of separation of limbs and other serious injuries. Tattoo contains the letter or number indicating the blood group, the letter R (Rh) and the plus or minus sign (positive or negative).

Тату группа крови на руке

It is noteworthy that today the idea of using ordinary lovers underwear painting, making of an army plot interesting artistic picture. Well, it remains to show you some photos of tattoo blood.


The image of his own and another’s name

Тату бамбук на лопатке

Growth, development

Фото-тату-об-аллергии Фото-тату-с-красным-крестом

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