29 Boar Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


Tattoo of a wild boar is peculiar to the representatives of the stronger sex. A boar is a leader in the wild nature with such characteristics as ferocity, fearlessness, fury, bellicosity. A boar tattoo can also symbolize a dark demonic origin, lust, gluttony, slovenliness.

The figure of the head of the wild boar alone symbolizes the amulet, which not only protects from various life dangers, but also gives the power, health, nourishes his masculine to its owner.

Boar tattoo has a variety of meaning in European nations. The boar acted as the guardian and protector of the Celts and inhabitants of the Scandinavian countries, symbolizing the war for them, the boar is a symbol of military raids and destruction for the Romans and Greeks. The Far Eastern nations, including the Japanese, invested in the image of a wild boar such traits of character as courage and valor. Also, for the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun, this animal symbolizes perseverance in achieving the goals, fearlessness and military courage.

Boar tattoos also have a noble meaning. It is a symbol of wealth in many nations. The Chinese consider the richness of forests to be the merit of the wild boar, the Scandinavian boar, in addition to the war, symbolizes fertility and yield. In the beliefs of the inhabitants of India, the boar is a deity, which was the first mankind to plow the land for the people of agriculture.

The color gamma of the boar is also important. The white color of the animal is associated with the element of water and the moon, the golden color is associated with the image of the sun, where each seta is the ray of the luminary.

The boar tattoo is associated with evil only in some cultures. Christianity in this wild animal sees the embodiment of anger, cruelty, lasciviousness.


The American interpretation of the boar symbol is also prone to using this tattoo by men. The tattoo of a boar in the culture of North Americans characterizes the leadership qualities and purposefulness of its owner. This figure on the body of a man can talk about his sexual stamina and fidelity to his wife.
Most often the picture of a wild boar is applied to the shoulder or to the inside of the forearm. The reason for this is the medieval hunters, whose boar picture on the shoulder spoke of their confidence in their productive hunt, that they do not return without prey. Also such pictures were applied for protection from the real enraged boar during hunting.

It is important to choose the right designs for the tattoo of a wild boar before making the picture, so you will not paint a homely pleasant pig instead of a frightening wild beast. According to the technology of the performance of this tattoo is one of the most difficult, so you should contact a professional to apply a tattoo, which will do everything at the highest level.

The most popular is the image of the boar’s head, with a frightening grin and fangs, although the holistic image of the animal is also quite popular. In addition to the animal’s picture, hieroglyphs and flora patterns can be applied.

It should be noted that the application of a boar tattoo does not give to its owner strength, militancy or ferocity. This tattoo only emphasizes the presence of these qualities in a man.
There is not recommended to put a tattoo of a boar to women because of its dual interpretation due to the meaning of this picture in the prison. The criminal lesbians who are imprisoned for long periods of time decorate their bodies with the boar tattoo. They show their «male role» in a relationship with another woman with this tattoo.

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