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Bow tattoos on feet

Bow — decoration of ribbons and cord — a necessary attribute of any gift. Well, that may be the best gift for any normal man, than a beautiful woman with a great tattoo? It is therefore not surprising that the bow tattoo today is as popular with girls as butterflies images of hearts and flowers.

a tattoo in the form of a bow does not carry deep philosophical meaning rather small emotional color. This picture emphasizes femininity, grace, tenderness girl’s life. On the other hand — ready for romance and amorousness.

The value of such a tattoo — more aesthetic, because tattoos bows on their feet — it is incredibly beautiful! An interesting feature of these tattoos is that in most cases it is done at the same place — on the back surface of the reed, but do bow on the chest, arms, fingers, lower back, legs, feet and so on. In addition — a double tattoo done often — the same image on both feet


On the sketches and photos bows tattoo under the booty that as the artist’s point of view to perform such work can be different. Since the bow — a very three-dimensional pattern, the master can work with shadows, smoothing transitions and color, clarity and blurring the lines. Before the girl choose a tattoo, there is a large selection of performance techniques. The most popular colors for drawing a bow considered red and white.

Many people believe that girls with bows look vulgar Well, one thing is for sure -. It strongly emphasizes the female sexuality, focusing on the hips — perhaps the most attractive parts of the body in women. A ready whether to tolerate the views of passers-by and condemning the hungry glances guys — it’s up to you. Guys like you girls with bows on the hips?




The power, majesty, authority

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