38 Bracer Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Bracer tattoo on ankle or wrist

Tattoo bracelet for a girl — one of the most trivial, stylish and creative ways to decorate your body unusual accessory. In most cases, the fair sex do tattoos just for decoration, not giving much importance to style and value tattoos. Tattoos in the form of a bracelet — maybe the best way to put on an arm or leg a small plot that will look stylish and to personalize some of the qualities of the owner


Let’s talk about where the bracelet will look relevant. Of course, the most popular location of the tattoo bracelet — on her wrist, where it belongs in real life. Also you can find a neat tattoo bracelet on foot (around the ankle) and less around the neck.

Much more interesting to discuss how the same might look like this picture. Here a flight of fantasy wizard can be virtually limitless. We have some thoughts and present to you some interesting ideas for tattoo bracelet.

What to choose?

  1. Almost every young girl has a small bracelet with garters. They may be small figures, icons and small details. Such images are more common on the feet.

  2. The names, inscriptions and hieroglyphics. The inscription in this case stuffed semicircle around the wrist or ankle or, forming a bracelet form.

  3. Patterns. It may be Celtic and other reasons, have no special meaning, but express the style of a style of art and painting.

  4. Classic scenes depicted in the form of a bracelet. It may be, for example, are located around the arm hearts, floral arrangement, animals or birds, skulls and much more.

Well, I advise you to look at this as an interesting accessory tattoo bracelet, and now — a few sketches and photos.


The power, majesty, authority


Femininity, grace, sexy

Photos and designs

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