30 Buddha Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

The power and appeal of religious Buddha tattoos

Today in society there is the craze for application to the body of religious images. Tattoo Buddha can be considered one of the pillars of Oriental philosophy and one of the world’s major religions. Today this subject is relevant not only among Buddhists, but also among ordinary lay citizens of many countries in the world.

I’m sure not all fully aware that the Buddha is a religious tattoo and therefore has a certain symbolism. And if you are sure that you select the image in order to make your body and thoughts are immune from the influence of evil forces, in fact, is not always such a tattoo will «work» for the good of you.

Before you succumb to the influence of time on the oriental fashion, the exotic East, have yet to enrich their knowledge in the field of oriental culture, otherwise you can not only get rid of the influence of the dark forces, but to attract them to himself with an increased force.

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Ignorance of the eastern symbolism and culture is fraught with many dangers. Therefore, the treatment of religious tattoos have to be careful, sensible.

History Pages of Modern Buddhism

Looking at the sketches of Buddha tattoo, it must be noted that the «modern image» have little to do with ancient drawings. However, their meaning and symbolism are not erased even after centuries. If you walk through the pages of history, we can find the following facts.

Initially, the Buddha was a teacher who carried the weight of certain moral principles and demanded that the people of their satisfaction. He was certain that every person can attain nirvana, and therefore did not require special reverence to him. Get rid of suffering and desire — is the goal of every human life, based on the philosophy of Buddhism


Therefore, each of us can live the Buddha, you only need to revise their views on many principles of life and learn to live on the principle of harmony and balance.

Figure of Buddha can not offend people of other religions, which is very important.

If you still choose religious themes to decorate your body, you should know, and that does not necessarily represent the Master. Often portrayed other Buddhist symbols:

  • identifies the royal power of the king of beasts lion;
  • drachmas wheel — a symbol of the Eightfold Noble Path;
  • traces of the Buddha;
  • lotus flower, made in different colors.

It is necessary to remember that the color of these tattoos also carries meaning. For example, shown in pink blossoming bud of a lotus symbolizes the Buddha himself. If on the tattoo depicts traces of the Master, it may mean your desire to pass his feet.

Египетская татуировка Анубис

Paves the way

тату ганеша 29

The power of the spirit, wisdom

Photos and designs

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