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Today, there is a general obsession with inking religious images on body. Tattoo of Buddha can be considered one of the pillars of Eastern philosophy and one of the largest world religions. Nowadays, this topic is relevant not only among Buddhists, but also among ordinary social citizens of many countries around the world.

Not everyone is certainly fully aware that Buddha tattoo is religious and, accordingly, has a certain symbolism. And if you are sure that you have chosen a pattern to make your body and thoughts invulnerable to the influence of evil forces, then, in fact, not always such a tattoo will “work” for your benefit.

Before you succumb to the time effect on Eastern fashion, exoticism of the East, you still need to enrich your knowledge in the field of Eastern culture, otherwise, you can get rid of the influence of dark forces as well as attract them to yourself with increased force.

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Ignorance of Oriental symbolism and culture is fraught with many dangers. Therefore, the attitude to religious tattoos should be cautious and reasonable.


Considering sketches of Buddha tattoos, one can’t help noticing that “modern pictures” have little in common with ancient patterns. Nevertheless, their meaning and symbolism haven’t been erased even after the lapse of centuries. If you look through chapters of history, you can find the following facts.

Initially, Buddha was a teacher who brought certain moral principles to the masses and demanded people to correspond to them. He was sure that everyone can achieve nirvana, and therefore, he didn’t demand special reverence for himself. According to the philosophy of Buddhism, getting rid of suffering and desires is the goal of each person’s life.

Therefore, Buddha can live in each of us, one only needs to reconsider his/her views on many life principles and learn to live according to the principle of harmony and balance.

Buddha tattoo can’t offend the feelings of people who practice other religions. And it’s very important.

If you still chose a religious topic to decorate your body, you should also know that you don’t have to ink the Master. Other Buddhist symbols are often depicted:

  • Lion, king of beasts that identifies royal power;
  • Drachma wheel — the symbol of Eightfold Noble Way;
  • footprints of Buddha;
  • lotus flower inked in different colors.

It is worth remembering that color in such tattoos has a semantic meaning as well. For example, the bud of the lotus, inked in pink, symbolizes Buddha himself. If the tattoo depicts the Master’s footprints, they may indicate your desire to walk in his footsteps.

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