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Bull tattoo meanings

Bull — one of the strongest animal in the world. Not with the simple people caught in the popular expression «strong as an ox.» The incredible strength of these animals have long been exploited by people, although in some countries, such as India, the bulls are sacred animals. In the image of this powerful beast portrayed some of the pagan gods.

Many people have heard about the Spanish holiday ensero — a joint run of people with the bulls. It is also widely known famous show bullfights — an attempt to tame the human being who surpasses him in strength and size. All this seems like a game to the death, the test at the risk of life. The bull is a symbol power, greatness, rebelliousness.


The value of the bull tattoo varies depending on exactly how this beast is depicted body. Red eyes can mean a game with death, the dark force within the animal. Bulls Black can embody the demonic. But in general, the bull tattoo — a symbol of masculinity, animal strength, tenacity and perseverance


In these paintings combines smooth lines, contrast, shadows, expressive detail and shades of color transitions. Particularly impressive tattoo bull looks over large areas of the body such as the back and chest. Well, as has become clear from the values, it is purely a man’s tattoo.

It is believed that the owners of the tattoo in the form of a bull have high vitality and able to share the energy. Such people may be too hot-tempered, aggressive. By tradition, at the end of the article presents some interesting sketches and photos of tattoo bull.

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