37 Bullfinch Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Bullfinch tattoo meanings

Bullfinch — winter bird with bright plumage. She was accustomed to fight for survival against the forces of nature, which is reflected on its quality. Bullfinches trusting and being next to a man in no hurry to leave. Meaning tattoo bullfinch — internal strength, swiftness, endurance, the ability to adapt to any conditions.

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Tattoos with bullfinches obtained bright, feminine, so the girl will suit any more. According to connoisseurs of the bird tattoos gives the owner confidence, perseverance, courage to overcome life’s difficulties. Not always bears a tattoo meaning. This is a beautiful image that adds a possessor of style, femininity, sophistication.

The tattoo is done mainly in color. Bird represent those colors that are inherent in the nature. Bullfinch — winter bird, so it is often portrayed in the background of snow or sitting on the branch of spruce. Many depict the entire composition, in which a few birds sitting on the branches of a mountain ash. birds are often depicted in flight, symbolizing the freedom, independence , a strong spiritual energy. The most successful placement:

  • shoulder;
  • shoulder blade;
  • chest.
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Sincerity, credulity


Mind, knowledge, prudence

Photos and designs

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