40 Bullterrier Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


Pictures of dogs as tattoos on the body are often chosen by men. They are sure that, for example, a bull terrier tattoo will perfectly cope with the role of a kind of amulet for the owner of such a picture. After all, these dogs will always be betrayed, never failed, they will regularly serve and will protect from the invasion of unexpected guests.

Considering the sketches of the bull terrier tattoo, it becomes clear that it is more correct to apply the figure of a dog of such a graceful breed to a muscular, tight body. Therefore, it is not superfluous to take up your physical form and go to the gym before visiting the salon.

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There are no special rules in choosing the location of the Bull Terrier. The tattoo will be appropriate on the back or chest, on the shoulder or thigh. It is important to choose the right proportions of the picture in accordance with the constitution of the body. Of course, everything depends on the individual preferences of a particular person. Men of small growth, putting a tattoo with the image of a large bull terrier with a grinning mouth, try to emphasize their inner strength and power in this way. A similar meaning has a picture of the bull terrier, which pursues its abuser.

If the animal looks calm and peaceful, then the semantic load of such a picture is interpreted differently: the owner of such a picture is quite friendly and calm with those who came to him in peace.

If the guest rudely invades his personal space, then it’s time to show him the strength, courage and tenacity of the teeth of the chain dog.

The meaning of the bull terrier tattoo depends on the chosen type of image of the beast, the size and color scheme of the picture. A similar tattoo on a gentle female body will look cuter than frightening. Although many contemporaries with such a pattern have the same grasp in conducting business as a bull terrier has.

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