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Bumblebee tattoo meaning

Bumblebee belongs to the family of bees. Its functions are to pollination of plants in the flowering period. By his behavior he resembles a bee. The difference is only in appearance and in size. Insect flying steadily, slowly, that distinguishes it from bees or wasps. It is believed that the bumble bee — a purely male tattoo because of its large size and slowness.

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According to the owners of tattoos, bumble bee is the most positive character among all the insects. Meaning tattoo bumblebee is self-confidence and reliance , to use fair methods of struggle. A person with this tattoo never throw words to the wind, all the decisions are made thoughtfully and carefully. You can be sure that this person is not a blow in the back, one has only to turn around.

Tattoo very stylish looks in color. It can be represented as one insect, and create an entire song. color images are often used as a demonstration environment insect habitat and its importance in nature.

Bumblebee small size, which is placed over the bone on the foot or on the wrist. The larger composition is placed on the shoulder or shoulder blade. Despite the massive insect, women choose often enough for his tattoo.

тату скарабей 1

Revival, achieving goals

Татуировка пчела за ухом

Hardworking, thrifty, hard work

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Photos and designs

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