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Butterfly tattoo meaning

Tattoo butterfly takes pride of place in the ranking of the most popular tattoos of today. It seems that every more or less experienced tattoo artist ever to emerge this insect on someone’s body. 99.9% of people proudly wearing this tattoo — women, except in cases when, after a stormy night some wit wakes up and sees this insect in his lower back.


I want to believe that such cases happen only in movies, but, nevertheless, the administration portal vse-o-tattoo.ru urges you to visit the tattoo artist being only sober mind and blessed memory!

It should be noted that the insects are not very popular among lovers of tattoos. Judge for yourself when the last time you saw a man with a picture, for example, on the body of the worm? A notable exception here is the hot favorite by many spiders and butterflies. By the way, do not forget to read about the spider tattoo.

Let’s talk about the meaning of a tattoo butterfly. Traditionally it must be said that the values ​​of such a picture can be completely different. Butterflies have always been admired by both artists and ordinary people. Beauty, airy, delicate lines, subtle beauty — exactly what attracts women in the tattoo. These insects have bright contrasting color, amazing patterns, which can not fail to adorn the human skin.

In addition, the butterfly — a symbol of rebirth . A unique phenomenon — a nasty and slow caterpillars turn into beautiful winged creatures. This tattooed — and even a sign of change, radical changes in life


In some cultures, the butterfly represents the soul of the person , which gives another meaning tattoo. The Aztecs, for example, it was thought that these little winged creatures carry the souls of fallen soldiers, and in Mayan — keep souls returning to Earth spirits. In China, the butterfly is a symbol of marital harmony.

Interestingly, the butterflies often associated with the fairies — tiny sizes mystical creature that possesses supernatural powers. Most often credited with fairies friendliness, ability to meet the desires and bring good luck.

«flit like a butterfly» — in this comparison is invested over the clear meaning — freedom. Here are a few values ​​with butterfly tattoos.

Why waist?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the most interesting. It is no secret that one of the most popular destinations for the image of this insect — back. Perhaps because of this, and perhaps for some other reason, a tattoo of a butterfly on the lower back call names symbol of girls of easy virtue (if not harder). The logical explanation for this value is difficult to give, but the fact is that it is.

The girls who are going to put a tattoo on your body should keep this in mind and either ignore or remember that the butterfly will look great on almost any part of the body, such as the shoulder, arm, shoulder, foot, ankle, and so on.

, which hurt to go to the tattoo parlor Will public opinion obstacle for you? Write in the comments! As usual at the end of a few sketches and photos.

тату мотылек 30

Naivete, attractiveness, ease


Courage, pride, inner strength

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