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Caduceus tattoo meanings

In ancient times each people put into the hands of the gods various weapons and awards them the signs that are used in the rituals and worship. Signs were designed to protect and preserve, and impart different character traits. Apply it on the stones, charms, totems, altars, clothing and, of course, on the skin. Nowadays tattoos are not only used as amulets, but also just for the beauty. One of these signs is the caduceus.


Caduceus has other names. In Greek it means a staff bulletin. He was considered a sign of the god Mercury (Hermes), who is considered the patron of wisdom, and it was called the rod of this deity.

Externally tattoo caduceus is the union of sticks, wings and snakes. Snakes are intertwined, symbolizing the union of the world of good and evil, light and dark, male and female, and the beginning of the other polarity. It is the harmony of the universe is based on their equilibrium. Stick itself carries the value of power. Small wings speak of lightness and ability to cross any borders.

Tattoo caduceus choose for themselves the people aspiring to harmony, understanding and balance. The symbol is associated with the messengers of good and peace bearing the wisdom and mystery. The image can be found at temples in India, the ancient architectural structures of Egypt and many other countries. Sometimes it interpreted as a sign of rebirth.

Caduceus has several main values:

  • The symbol of balance in the world of healing.

  • Inspiration and swiftness.

  • The quest for justice and truth.

  • The wisdom, power, reconciliation.

Photo tattoo caduceus shows how different and individual can be an image. Tattoo equally beautiful looks in a colorful and black and white. Suitable for application to the skin for people of any age and any gender.

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