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Our ancient ancestors believed that they pay tribute to the gods, thereby attracting happiness and luck, acquiring the qualities necessary for survival by applying special pictures to their bodies. The attitude to the art of painting has changed a little in the current progressive society — the tattoo has become more of a fashionable decoration, rather than a charm or talisman. However, some of us still believe in the magical properties of images on human skin, especially in the case of drawings related to astrology, esotericism and religion. We will talk about the importance of a tattoo with the sign of the zodiac Cancer today, about myths and legends that gave this sign a sacred meaning.


There are several hypotheses about the origin of the Cancer constellation, some of them entirely mythological, others claiming scientific validity. Even the name of the double and the brightest star in the constellation — Acubens (from the Arab – “claw”) speaks about its interesting and long history.

Astrologers say that this cluster of stars was noted even 500 years before the onset of our era, during the perfect equilibrium of solar cycles. Then our ancestors noticed that the Sun behaves like a cancer, which often retreats backwards, and the light, reaching the moment of the equinox, starts moving in the opposite direction. It is entirely possible that people named this constellation, which the Sun enters during the summer solstice, in the name of a bizarre arthropod.

But the Egyptians nicknamed the constellation of Cancer as «water stars» in their times and denoted a schematic depiction of two turtles. Why? Researchers believe that this is due to the fact that the star cluster is best seen in the pre-dawn hours, when the Nile waters receded back, and there were always a huge number of turtles on its shore.

Incidentally, ancient astrologers often told people how the innocent souls descend to the earth through the black hole in the center of the constellation and enter the bodies of newborns.

The most famous myth about Cancer and its appearance in the firmament goes back to ancient Greece. History tells of the second feat of Hercules. The task for the son of the great Zeus was to defeat the nightmarish snake-like monster — the nine-headed Lernaean hydra, the daughter of the giant Typhon and the giant female snake Echidna. She was reared and trained by Hera, who hated Hercules with all her heart.

And then, Eurystheus, the son of Zeus, along with his companion Iolaus, set out to search for the Hydra lair guarding the entrance to the underworld at the behest of King Argolis. The heroes began a desperate battle when she was deceived from the cave with fiery arrows, and even the animals that lived there were on their side. However, Hera, seeing that the defeat of her pupil is close, called a huge cancer from the marshes. He grabbed Hercules by the leg, but the hero cast an arthropod, and after he triumphed over the Lernaean monster, cut down his immortal head.

Hera could not kill Zeus’s son with the help of her servants, but in gratitude for help she put a huge cancer on the sky, turning into a constellation.


True, it is worth saying that cancer has such a negative role in the ancient Greek myth only. For example, he is considered a holder of a secret about the transformation of the vital forces and the management of the universe in Cambodia, he also devoted special rituals to rains in drought, and cancer is considered a symbol of fertility and great magical secrets on the islands of Melanesia.

Moreover, some astrologers consider that the modern image of this zodiac sign has appeared with an ulterior motive. The astrological symbol is very much like a schematic sketch of the structure of spiral galactic systems according to their theory, which have an elongated core and two spiral arms consisting of clusters of young stars directed in opposite directions. It is possible that in this simple symbol there is a particle of the unknown energy of the Cosmos, the knowledge of which we so crave and so afraid.


There is an opinion that the zodiac Cancer symbolizes exclusively female energy because of the protection of the moon. However, not everyone agrees with this statement. A lot of people see in it the resemblance of the ancient symbol of Yin-Yang, personifying the concept of complementarity, unity and harmony of opposites, and believe that the image of this zodiac sign on the body of both women and men is able to give self-confidence, determination, power, and strengthen our sixth sense — the intuition.


Perhaps the most popular option can be called a small ornamental tattoo with a picture of cancer. They are often performed in monochrome, sometimes with the addition of symbols accompanying the meaning. It can be abstract pictures or all sorts of interpretations on the theme of the zodiacal symbol, which is located in the center of the composition. Such small tattoos usually play the role of some kind of talisman, which does not necessarily show the whole world around, but rather the opposite — it is worth to hide from prying eyes, so as not to reveal its secret of success and endless energy.


Larger-scale images with wide contrasting contours and bright colors are made in this style. New crayfish are supplemented with ribbons and inscriptions, anchors, hearts, stars and sailboats inherent in this style quite often. All these attributes are also remarkably correlated with the symbol of the patron of the water element — Cancer.


Realistic pictures created by the hand of a talented and experienced master look amazing. Cancer, performed in realism, looks like a living reminder of the nature, dispositions and character given by the stars. This pattern both in color and monochrome will undoubtedly impress those around them and will enable them to understand that the tattoo wearer is protected by the Moon and the indomitable water element.


Beautiful compositions with the image of the constellation are created with the help of this technique. The geometry of the location of stars, bizarre refractions and lines make it possible to create a real graphic masterpiece on the skin. Such pictures are performed in black often, but brave ones dilute the geometric restraint with bright colored accents.


As it has been repeatedly said, Cancer is a zodiac sign, inseparably connected with the water element, that is why, there are often various sketches that combine the Cancer symbol with seascapes or paraphernalia in the tattoo art. It is believed that this combination enhances the magical effect of this astrological sign on its owner. Only owners of such tattoo masterpieces know whether it is a myth or not, but in general it can only be said that such works, especially those executed in large size, look very reliable and precisely attract the sights of people.

An interesting idea will be a realistic picture depicting the zodiac sign of Cancer in the sand, allegedly drawn by hand or found on the beach with a reed. Negligence and ease of such a plot will reflect the sensuality and vulnerability of people born under this sign.

Another unusual version of the composition can be the image of Cancer with his patron — the Moon. This can be a picture illustrating the moonlit path on the watery surface and the sandy shore, where it is a bizarre representative of arthropods on the verge between land and water.

The image of the zodiac Cancer perfectly suits to girls born under this sign, decorated with lilies, water lilies and forget-me-not flowers — flowers associated with the elements of water.

The idea of combining two signs of the zodiac, for example, the intricate intertwining of the symbols of Cancer and Virgo, Gemini or Scorpio, may appeal for couples in love who want to connect their lives and fates not only in words.

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There is an opinion that the location of the tattoo with the sign of Cancer is important for its owner. For example, if the pattern is located on the chest, it will become a talisman that gives inner strength and balance, and accordingly, a reliable assistant in overcoming life’s difficulties and obstacles. Such a tattoo will help to choose the life path, decide on the type of occupation and establish contact with the outside world, surrounding people.

An image in the neck will help develop strong business acumen, bring good luck in the financial sphere, promote career growth and build mutually beneficial relationships with superiors or business partners.

Zodiacal Cancer on the right hand helps to create an atmosphere of harmony and mutual understanding, preserve family values and unity of spirit. But the picture on the left hand can play a cruel joke with the carrier — to settle in the heart a sense of anxiety, dissatisfaction and despair. Undivided emotional impulses, torment and aimless waste of energy will cause discomfort to the owner of the tattoo, especially if he is born under the sign of Cancer.

Everyone is free to decide for himself whether believe in these signs or not, people will always write legends and write superstitions. However, if you still decide to make a tattoo, the main and only rule is to choose the picture that you like, it will show your inner qualities, desires and individual features, because soon you will become the owner of the symbol that will accompany you all your life, and it is extremely important that it brings pleasant feelings and memories.

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