30 Cannabis Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Cannabis tattoo meaning

Tattoos hemp, at first glance, the uninitiated person can have only one meaning: it is often believed that the owner of this image uses marijuana. In fact, images of cannabis (the official name of this plant) is a whole culture and outlook, which does not oblige a person to smoke marijuana.

This is a theme in art Rastamanskaya tattoos. By itself, the culture followers god Jha includes several aspects:

  • a different image and red-yellow-green color scheme;
  • bution style of music (reggae);
  • style of dress;
  • And, of course, a kind of outlook on life, which consists in complete freedom and rejection of foreign conventions and rules imposed by the company.

The followers Rastamanskaya culture often choose tattoos as a hemp leaf to emphasize his world and stand out from the crowd. Such a person definitely has a rich inner life, his opinions on different issues are often different from the usual.

It should be noted that marijuana tattoos choose not only fans to smoke weed and the people involved in Rastamanskaya culture in general. cannabis leaf and often can be seen on the bodies of those who consider themselves the enemy conventions, anyone who wants to challenge society and identify their freedom from imposed values. In such a provocation can only really strong-willed people who are free internally.

hemp-leaf-04 hemp-leaf-05 hemp-leaf-011 hemp-leaf-021 тату лист конопли


In addition to the tattoo with the image of marijuana, there are many options to indicate their involvement in the culture. It can be directly tattoo depicting the hemp, and stylized tattoo, marijuana which takes the form of a bizarre animal, human or alien creatures. Often there and tattoos with the chemical formula of marijuana (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

A person who wants to decorate your body with tattoos hemp is still to take into account that not everyone is ready to adequately treat such images, because this stuff is better tattoo on the spot, which will be easy to hide under clothing, if necessary. This is especially true of those who work in any major companies and government agencies.

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