40 Cassette Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Cassette tattoo meanings

Progress does not stand still, and familiar to us things quickly become obsolete. For example, tattoo cassette a few decades will be an original and exotic figure, if not yet so. It is almost vintage!

Sometimes the inscriptions around the image is applied, significant for the owner. This is often the names of the groups, the names of your favorite artists.

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Meaning tattoo cassette has two decryption. The first of these — picture music fan, symbolizing the human love for music . A possible method of execution in the form of a cassette tape, forming an intricate pattern of a single word. Partial phrase is placed on the cassette itself. II — vintage tattoo, a reminder of a time when music was written on the tape. Tattoo Magazine — private and secret images, testimony highlights the importance associated with audio devices


Audiophiles having a tattoo, can give it a unique appearance using special paints, luminous in ultraviolet. This pattern looks unusual at discos and concerts.

It is said that tattoos with images of tapes are rare and indicate the music lovers with the experience.

тату магнитофон 25
Record player

Creative person

Тату трезубец на спине

The symbol of the trinity

Photos and designs

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