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Cat tattoo meanings

Images of cats — quite colorful tattoo with multiple values ​​and ancient legends. In this article you will find out where to apply the image, and a selection of original photos and thumbnails will help determine the choice.

First of all, the cat — hunter, so no luck, prudence, cunning, intelligence and ability to adapt to different situations, it is impossible to come out the winner and prey (mouse). The ancient states and different eras were born legends and symbols, contradictory to each other.

  • fertility, joy, and power. It is believed that the Libyan wild cats domesticated themselves. They hunted near the granaries of inhabitants of ancient Egypt, thus saving the people from the invasion of rodents and starvation. Egyptians spotted the sign from the gods, made a sacred animal. Wearing a tattoo cats could only priests or elect to know. On the face of the animal portrayed the strikers, the goddess of the hearth, joy, fun, feminine beauty. It was believed that the sun god Ra took shape Murka and down to earth, he was portrayed conquering the evil forces in the form of a snake. Tattoo Egyptian cat is depicted sitting with proudly raised muzzle and curled tail. It looks nice on the side ankle to shoulder, neck and abdomen. It gives the girls the mystery and grace, authoritativeness, pride and arrogance. Some believe that the sphinx attracts wealth and protects from the invasion of trouble as mice. Assyrian warriors learned about the sacred animal of the Egyptians, became tied to their shields to win battles.

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  • Cat Tattoo — protector and keeper of the dross. Two centuries ago, sailors stuffed animal picture on the forearm with cap and striped collar. It embodied a prosperous voyage and was a powerful talisman, because the rats on the ships — a common phenomenon. Asians ran pets in Buddhist temples that they guarded the shrine from evil spirits. In the Dauphiné province before harvest kitten swaddled, decorated with ribbons and flowers, left in the shadows. If a person is injured with a sickle, he was sent under the protection of the animal. In Japan, it was believed that in Murka is the human soul . After the death of the temple brought their image and placed on the altar, so that the path to nirvana was easy. Tattoo sleeping cat symbolizes peace and tranquility, this image now adorns the temples. However, sometimes the animal is credited with supernatural powers with vampirism.
  • Ward of the home, the symbol of love and femininity. In ancient times, the cat symbolized the moon, grace, girlish appeal. In Thailand, the Siamese Murka worshiped, and on their wedding night in the bedchamber ran a large, well-fed cat with long whiskers to family lived in prosperity and happiness. Norwegians portrayed the goddess Freya in a chariot drawn by graceful animals. She patronized all the devotees love. In India Sasht, the goddess of motherhood, was depicted as a cat and tied with family welfare . Now, however, the animals considered carriers of negative karma, the mediator between the worlds, finished food and thoughts defile a person.
  • The value of a black cat tattoo is not connected with the European and Russian superstitions about the servants of the devil or witch assistants. They identifyed freedom, independence, mystery, quick recovery. In the Middle Ages, Europeans slaughtered them until until the outbreak of the plague, which quickly spread by rodents. In France, wary and white cat. In Russia, it was believed that if a black Murka will go to the patient, he will soon die. However, in the UK believe that if black cat sneezes near the bride, then her luck in marriage
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  • Tattoos Cheshire cat stands for judgment, positive attitude towards life, self-overcoming troubles. Fabulous animal depicted in monochrome, flower, black and gray versions. Underwear picture is suitable for both men and women, looks best on the shoulder or shoulder blade, can be applied to the forearm. Drawing on the entire back more focuses on the vitality owner. Looks nice pet reclining on a tree branch or a hat. It is sure to be a wide smile with small teeth.
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Cat tattoo for girls — femininity and grace

The kitty because flexibility of the body, graceful and proud gait symbolizes feminine beauty and character. Beautiful and aesthetically pleasing look tattoo silhouette of a cat on the shoulder, abdomen, wrist and leg. Smooth lines emphasize the softness and flexibility of owner, give the image of magnetism. Girls are good pictures in black or colorful flowers, with transitions and shadows when drawn each villus wool. Attractive looks and mysterious image on the wrist or neck, especially faces, and all sorts of patterns cats. Pretty animal on the wrist emphasize femininity and beauty.

Often the girls home predator applied image on the intimate zone is particularly relevant playful story of cat and mouse, as if alluding to elect a strong character and craftiness. Small cat tattoo on the abdomen or chest area also looks sexy. With the help of the graceful animal is easy to emphasize harmony and beautiful line of legs, if you put it on the side of the shin. It is interesting to look symmetrical faces on the feet.

Girls often choose the pet’s image in motion, with arched back, showing that in spite of the fragility and tenderness, the owner will be able to overcome the obstacles. Cat ready to pounce, and traces of his paws — a sign of protection. The girl will be able to defend themselves and get out of difficult situations heroine. For a romantic and gentle natures perfect picture little kitten lying on the back with bent legs.

Tattoo cat paws around the neck, behind the ear, on the arm and legs looks very impressive, especially the track marks on his shoulder. They symbolize good luck in business and personal life. However desirable to select an image is too small, because the distance it can merge into a single point.

Among the young women and men are becoming popular red stall kotyara. They look lazy, household and affectionate, represent family comfort and simplicity. It is interesting to look cartoon characters, giving the owner a playful way.

Men’s cats tattoo — a symbol of good luck


Often, you can find a cat fighting with scars on the man’s shoulders. In general, they prefer the image of an aggressive predator, but there are May cat ladies’ man with a gallant appearance and a bow tie around his neck. Trim tabs — the prerogative of women, men choose prints with traces of blood or claws. Any frightening image furry animal on his shoulder often represents a challenge to society that the owner lives in the rules. Men with a good sense of humor and positive chosen tattoo Cheshire Cat in colorful or dark shades. In America, it has become fashionable to fill drawing your pet.

It is believed that the nature of the animal is transferred to the owner. Caution should fill tattoo cat in a hat or hat and paws. It is common among groups of thieves. If such images are very popular, it is better to choose colorful, fun image, to avoid any unpleasant inquiries.

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Cheshire cat

Optimism, humor, cheerfulness


Grace, flexibility, beauty

Photos and designs

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