23 Catfish Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Catfish tattoo meanings

Catfish — largest freshwater fish that prefer hiding under driftwood and blacked out on the background of the sludge. Color may vary depending on the environment. It is an active predator of night. In most cases, the fish are positive emotional burden. Despite the fact that the predator catfish, it has such features as the ability to adapt to environmental conditions, skillfully masked and biding their time.

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Catfish is rarely used in tattoos. As subjects with uchatsiem other fish, catfish tattoo value is as follows. It is symbolizes happiness , longevity, confidence, abundance, fertility. In Japanese mythology, predatory fish was considered a pillar of the earth. This is indicative of a degree of stability and permanence.

The owner of the tattoo Som emphasizes its ability to stand on their feet, self-confidence. It is quiet and reliable people, which is unusual to make hasty decisions.

Catfish — universal tattoo. The most common image of fish is applied to the back, shoulder, at least — on the chest and legs. Small fish can be placed on the wrist or on the side.


The effort, dedication, perseverance

Тату морской конек на ноге
Sea horse

Purposeful, overcoming difficulties

Photos and designs

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